SAP EWM: Your warehouse within a software

Control all warehouse processes by one software solution - SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management), the state-of-the-art warehouse management software for your supply chain and base of the SIMPLE SUPPLY CHAIN has all necessary features.
SAP EWM interlinks all logistics and intralogistics processes successfully on your journey to Industry 4.0. Compared to SAP LES (Logistics Execution System), SAP EWM offers an array of fully integrated components. SAP EWM targets to automate the control of large logistics centers, but can be applied in small warehouses as well due to its modular design.

We are your partner in any phase of your SAP EWM project and will take care of you. Our experts offer consultings, conceptual designs, project managements as well as implementations and extensions of tailor-made solutions for your individual logistics requirements.

What is SAP EWM?

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) represents the latest warehouse management software for your supply chain, giving you the chance to interlink and control all logistics and intralogistics processes of your warehouse and logistics supply chain.

SAP EWM implementation for Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

With the implementation of SAP EWM for the new distribution center west of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG in Künzelsau, SALT Solutions’ experts created a SAP-based software solution guaranteeing smooth processes along the supply chain: covering the linkage of both manual and automated picking technologies by high speed shuttle systems, the integration of neighboring warehouses to create combi-deliveries as well as direct confirmations to SAP ERP.

Frequently Asked Questions about SAP EWM

What is SAP EWM?

SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) is a highly standardized and efficient warehouse management system. As an important component of SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM), the system is designed to create smooth processes in your warehouse and supply chain.

What are the SAP EWM features?

The basic functions of SAP EWM include

  • Storage Management and Optimization
  • Goods movements
  • Warehouse control
  • Planning and monitoring
  • Inventory at Warehouse Management Level

What are the advantages of SAP EWM?

SAP EWM improves your elementary warehouse management processes. The system optimizes and automates all traditional warehouse processes such as goods receipt, warehousing, packaging and shipping, effectively contributing to your business results. It enables flexible and efficient resource management and increases the accuracy and transparency of inventory for smooth processes. A forklift control system, handling unit management and the material flow control (MFS) are fully integrated. This eliminates the need of a separate material flow computer.

Difference between SAP EWM and SAP WM?

Published by SAP in 2006 as the successor to SAP WM (Warehouse Management), SAP EWM has transformed to a highly efficient warehouse system and has proven itself in many industries. SAP EWM includes numerous new functions, improvements and advantages - from goods receipt to internal warehouse processes and goods issue.

Automated and flexible warehouse management

SAP Extended Warehouse Management guarantees benefits such as an efficient wave scheduling of your picking processes, storage and removal strategies for optimal workload and highest throughput in addition to flexible processes by an process- and layout oriented warehouse control, including a warehouse control monitor. Fully integrated features: the conveyance system, a Handling Unit management and a material flow system (MFS), eliminating separate material flow calculators.

Supply Chain execution experts

As Recognized Expertise for Supply Chain Management as awarded by SAP as well as Ramp-Up-Partner for SAP EWM, SALT Solutions has accompanied numerous optimization- and implementation projects. Our customer projects with SICK AG, Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei KG and Roche Diagnostics GmbH were awarded with the SAP Quality Award. Our experts are experienced implementation partners on your side and smoothly integrate highly complex warehouse systems such as shuttles, high bay warehouses and automated small parts warehouses as well as mobile picking technologies.

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