SALT Add-On Packaging dialogue

Raise the potential of your outbound packaging process with our SALT Add-On Packaging dialogue. The packaging process is the basis in SAP for all following processes from the shipment to the arrival of the package at your customer. Optimize your warehouse ergonomics: At the intersection between inbound and outbound, employees are walked through the packaging process step by step and receive all relevant printouts at the right time. This includes delivery-related as well as cross-delivery packagings.

Reducing errors while increasing throughputs

Our developed ergonomic user concept brings measurable advantages: With the SALT Add-On Packaging dialogue, our customers have significantly reduced their packaging error quote while being able to increase the throughput at the goods issue.
Process reliability is also achieved by walking employees through the packaging process while complex SAP postings are running in the background. Enabling even unexperienced employees to pack right from the start.

Our process competence for your ergonomics

Our experts do not just deliver IT solutions but provide experienced warehouse process competence for your project, which can be found in automated process steps or the integration of scanners and touchscreens, displaying additional packaging instructions in one dialogue. We involve you and your users for process analyses, workshops and trainings to tailor your IT solution to your individual requirements while optimally preparing your employees for future applications.

See for yourself - get to know the SALT Add-On Packaging dialogue and its capabilities during our frequent webinars or get in touch with our experts.

Get to know the SALT Add-On Packaging dialogue and its capabilities.

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