A picking solution that suits your processes perfectly: The SALT Add-On Picking

During the picking process, goods should be staged as efficient, fast and correct as possible. To make this happen, enterprises apply individual processes which are adjusted to conditions and requirements of warehouses and goods. The technical equipment, spacial warehouse layout and the assortment affect each picking process.

A digital solution supports you in optimizing your paperless processes and helps you to gain more efficiency and an improved delivery quality. With the SALT Add-On Picking, you enhance the functioning of your SAP System to optimally implement your processes even when operating different warehouses with different requirements.

What is the SALT Add-On Picking?

The SALT Add-On Picking supplements all functions of your SAP System and supports warehouse employees to pick goods from warehouses and stage them for customer orders.

The Add-On Picking is your solution, if

  • you are looking for a tailor-made solution for your processes and you don’t want to compromise. The SALT Add-On Picking can be individually adjusted to any process and significantly increases ergonomics and the user-friendliness of your applications.
  • you would like to optimize your picking - as well as warehouse internal processes. The SALT Add-On Picking enables working paperless while consequently documenting your goods movements.
  • you would like to modify processes without much effort and implement this in your IT solution. The SALT Add-On Picking can easily be extended and adjusted to meet your needs.
  • you would like to support your warehouse employees during the picking process while accompanying them through the entire process: The SALT Add-On Picking offers a modern and ergonomic dialogue design featuring a process-oriented structuring. Dialogues can be used either per touchscreen or scanner. The add-on is compatible to any web-enabled device due to its interface technology.

These are your advantages when applying the SALT Add-On Picking

  • Master- and movement data are transferred from the SAP System
  • The add-on guides the employee through the picking process for goods from the warehouse
  • The staging and storing back of materials to workplaces or storage bins is supported
  • The SALT Add-On Picking implements full- and partial removals including batch changes and block warehouse processes
  • Enables an individualization of process steps and an easy scalability within the enterprise
  • Fully SAP integrable and a release-proof product
  • Easy: Easy and fast installation in SAP
  • Tailor-made: Definition of individual work loads and picking processes
  • Device-independent: user interfaces in several technologies with the same backend
  • Intuitive: Clear user guidance guarantees self-sufficient, error-free operations

With the SALT Add-On Picking, you are extending your SAP System functions to optimally implement your processes even when operating several warehouses with different requirements.

Florian Stolz
Team Leader Logistics Products

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