Logistics with LogBase - the flexible platform

Easy, fast, flexible. Key components of our logistics platform LogBase. Our experts designed this IT solution to implement the full scope of all processes from the warehouse to the retailer or even directly to the end customer. You benefit as:

  • contract service provider,
  • medium sized enterprise with your own or an external warehouse,
  • retailing enterprise operating in the omnichannel-commerce
  • large scale enterprise with special warehouse logistics requirements

from fast implementations of a low-risk IT solution.

Logistics starts with warehouse software

LogBase offers all logistics standard features for warehouses, transportations, handlings and value added services of a software. The planning, control and monitoring of your national and international distribution services is as easy with LogBase as returns processings and stock- /coverage optimizations. As an open platform with flexible interfaces, LogBase can easily be linked to your ERP or any IT system of your suppliers and partners, also including mobile data terminals (MDT) and smartphones.

IT-experts for logistics processes

Our experts are bringing their expertise gained throughout numerous implementations to your project. After an extensive process analysis and consulting you will receive our highly standardized IT solution LogBase, which simultaneously will be adjusted to your individual requirements and is constantly further developed by our experts.

See for yourself what our logistics platform LogBase can do - you can find everything about LogBase’s excellent performance in the reference reports of our customers Arqueonautas, Fiege and Im Angebot.

Distribution with LogBase

The entire distribution process covered by one IT solution. This is what LogBase and its logistics features for the retailing logistics sector stands for: from the warehouse, the transport and the delivery to the customer- and service provider invoicing including several returns processing options. Rounded off by value added services such as the labeling, the picking or the display design - all processes are implemented along your distribution chain.

Integrated IT-solution for the logistics sector

You rely on omnichannel commerce for your

  • furniture - or large size goods
  • foods logistics, including fresh products
  • fashion- and lifestyle-assortments
  • E-fullfilment-services
  • marketing- and event logistics
  • POS-logistics

and are looking for an integrated IT solution, covering every process of every channel from the warehouse up to the end customer? LogBase was developed to optimally suit the increasing complexity of this challenge and can be easily, fast and flexibly customized for your processes - this software is the optimal partner for your growth.

Done by experts

Our experts designed LogBase with all their logistics process competence as well as experienced IT know how and unite our expertise with your needs in the fields of retailing logistics. The implementation of LogBase contributed to our customers success - and we will also guide your project into a prosperous future.

LogBase from the Cloud

With LogBase onDemand, we implement your logistics processes along the entire Supply Chain in the cloud. Your profits range from flexible, demand-oriented cost structures featuring logistics standard functions guaranteeing an immediate availability for warehouse, transportation, stock turnover and value added services.

The intelligent linkage of safety features and the possibility to connect local applications as well as customer systems with LogBase onDemand, make logistics from the cloud a speedy and safe service to your request.

Flexibility for the dynamics of your business area

You would like to conquer new markets as an established enterprise, are looking for an easy logistics solutions as a start-up or would like to manage, distribute and bill your global stocks safely and at low-costs?
With LogBase you own a tool which can be configured and adapted individually to meet your needs. Interlink your partner or service provider easily and flexibly while managing all users by the central authorization management.

Get our free test account in the cloud and get to know LogBase onDemand’s features.

LogBase and AutoStore

Create required space for future growth in your warehouse with LogBase AutoStore. With LogBase AutoStore our experts linked the automated small parts warehouse AutoStore to the warehouse management system LogBase, to combine all warehouse processes efficiently in an all-in-one-solution, eliminating unnecessary system switches in between. At the same time LogBase AutoStore grows with every challenge of your enterprise: While LogBase flexibly adjusts itself to new business processes, the automated small parts warehouse AutoStore can be extended or moved as you wish.

E-Commerce revolution

With LogBase we guarantee a faster connection to your web shop platforms and e-commerce systems. You benefit from smooth processes covering everything from the order process to the shipping with a maximum degree of automatization: up to 75% less staff upon an about 50% smaller area with up to 95% less energy consumption will definitely help to lower your logistics costs.

Specialists for retail and distribution

Our experts are equipped with in-depth expertise gained throughout numerous realization projects of complex solutions for distribution warehouses and in the fields of e-commerce.
We create a system base adjusted to your business requirements, offering flexibility while enabling maximal speeds and the highest degree of efficiency within your warehouse. In corporation with our partner AutoStore, our experts will dimension AutoStore for you - so you receive a custom-fit solution optimally adjusted to your individual requirements.

Get in touch with our experts and see how you gain immense competitive advantages thanks to LogBase AutoStore.

Get to know LogBase - your high performance logistics platform.

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