Automate the small parts warehouse with AutoStore

The robot controlled small parts warehouse revolutionizes warehousing technologies and comes along with huge potential for optimizations: at high picking speeds while requiring very little space and energy, the material flow of the overall plant including all previous- or post processing is operated completely automated.

The system is flexibly extendable and fit for the future due to its modular construction within which the containers are stacked on top of each other. In order to centrally control all warehouse processes, AutoStore has to be linked to a warehouse management software. We will connect the plant either to SAP EWM or LogBase.

AutoStore and SAP EWM AutoStore and LogBase

Warehousing and picking with AutoStore

The automated small parts warehouse AutoStore features great potential for optimizations in relation to storage areas, picking speeds, staff assignment and energy consumption. By means of a robotic system, containers holding various items are stacked on top of each other, enabling a fast and automated processing of orders.

Your advantages at one glance

  • Reduction of storage areas
  • Enormous picking speeds
  • Flexible expandability
  • Energy reduction due to extremely low power consumption
  • Highly efficient central control directly with SAP or Non-SAP software
  • Integration without effecting the process environment
  • Very little training effort
  • Predefined, individually adjustable dialogues

AutoStore: The future of Warehousing

AutoStore and SAP EWM AutoStore and LogBase

Connection to SAP EWM with the SALT Add-On Autostore

In applying SALT Add-On AutoStore, our experts link the most compact warehouse system for small parts and individual items to your SAP EWM warehouse management. An additional workspace dialogue increases user ergonomics. AutoStore is directly managed from within SAP EWM and does not have to interconnect additional sub systems. While SAP EWM processes the stock management, AutoStore controls all robots as well as the complex material flow of the plant.

SALT Add-On Autostore: Anbindung von Autostore an SAP EWM

Direct link to SAP EWM

Highly dynamic warehouses without aisles can only be controlled effectively when all processes are optimally synchronized and were also implemented by the warehouse management.

AutoStore has it all. To connect it to SAP EWM, the SALT Add-On AutoStore features ready-made interfaces. Together with the expertise of our experts, your intralogistics processes are accelerated and your storing areas are utilized more efficiently.

Experts for enhancing the SAP Standard

Our experts developed the SALT Add-On AutoStore to equip you with the full functional range in no time after a short ramp up phase. SALT Solutions’ experts are familiar with SAP EWM and also know everything about warehouse processes. These competences will be on your side during projects - guaranteeing a highly efficient control of your warehouse directly from SAP EWM.

Get SALT Add-On AutoStore and our experts will find a way to connect the warehouse system to your SAP EWM.

SALT Solutions is SAP Gold Partner.

Connection to LogBase

Create required space for future growth in your warehouse with LogBase AutoStore. With LogBase AutoStore our experts linked the automated small parts warehouse AutoStore to the warehouse management system LogBase, to combine all warehouse processes efficiently in an all-in-one-solution, eliminating unnecessary system switches in between. At the same time LogBase AutoStore grows with every challenge of your enterprise: While LogBase flexibly adjusts itself to new business processes, the automated small parts warehouse AutoStore can be extended or moved as you wish.

E-Commerce revolution

With LogBase we guarantee a faster connection to your web shop platforms and e-commerce systems. You benefit from smooth processes covering everything from the order process to the shipping with a maximum degree of automatization: up to 75% less staff upon an about 50% smaller area with up to 95% less energy consumption will definitely help to lower your logistics costs.

Specialists for retail and distribution

Our experts are equipped with in-depth expertise gained throughout numerous realization projects of complex solutions for distribution warehouses and in the fields of e-commerce.
We create a system base adjusted to your business requirements, offering flexibility while enabling maximal speeds and the highest degree of efficiency within your warehouse. In corporation with our partner AutoStore, our experts will dimension AutoStore for you - so you receive a custom-fit solution optimally adjusted to your individual requirements.

Get in touch with our experts and see how you gain immense competitive advantages thanks to LogBase AutoStore.

Control your warehouse efficiently - directly from SAP EWM or LogBase.

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