SAP Yard Logistics: Efficiency on your yard

Digitalizing the yard management cannot be bypassed if you want to increase your process efficiency and bring transparency to your yard. This can only be achieved if you at any time, have an overview of where your goods are, what happens on your yard and which deliveries are scheduled. With SAP Yard Logistics (SAP YL), SAP offers an independent module, which simplifies and controls all transportations on factory premises. In contrast to the familiar module SAP Yard Management, a SAP EWM component, SAP Yard Logistics can either be operated as SCM-Suite component or stand-alone solution.

SALT Solutions’ experts will show you how SAP Yard Logistics supports your processes from the check-in to the check-out with a focus on all functionalities related to planning, performance, yard operations- and monitoring up to the billing. Your yard processes increase in speed and quality while you safe time and costs thanks to an effective resource utilization.

What is SAP YL?

SAP Yard Logistics (SAP YL) represents an individual SAP module, which simplifies and controls all transportation processes on your yard with functionalities covering the planning, performance, yard operations- and monitoring.

Everything you need for your yard management:

  • cover the processing of different transportation devices
  • integrate SAP YL in SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) and SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM)
  • schedule incoming and outgoing transportations
  • integrate the Dock Appointment Scheduling
  • operate yard activities by using mobile devices
  • control your self check-in processes (gate automatization)
  • communicate with in- and external drivers (SMS based communication)
  • create automated processes and tracking scenarios
  • benefit from various staging scenarios
  • bill all your yard activities in one system

We help you to make the right decision

Which will be your choice - the classic SAP Yard Management or SAP Yard Logistics? Our experts will help you through this decision and offer profound guidance. They provide vast SAP SCE module expertise and experience based on reference projects.

SALT Solutions also offers a 24/7 support straight from Germany.

SAP Yard Logistics and SAP Yard Management: A comparison

Advantages of SAP Yard Logistics

  • Classification, identification and confirmation of Transport Units (TUs)
  • Wash-activities and additional services
  • Handling of movement- and non-movement related tasks and billings
  • Logging of exceptional cases and support of various warning signals
  • User communication by means of SMS or pagers
  • Cross-docking-processes from in - to outbound
  • SCM integrated as well as independent application possible
  • Compatible with external systems such as SAP TM, SAP EWM, Legacy or technical devices
  • Extension of functions and on-going support

Advantages of SAP Yard Management

  • Integrated component of SAP EWM
  • Clever solution for easy yard processes
  • Support of current yard resources (truck, vehicle, container) as Transport Units
  • RF UI covering yard processes

Secure your competitive advantages - optimize your yard management.

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