Transportation management with SAP TM

SALT Solutions’ experts lower your transportation costs and optimize your material- and goods flow. Our SAP TM consultants are equipped with profound expertise gained throughout numerous implementations within the SAP Standard and individual customizings of your SIMPLE SUPPLY CHAIN: Covering process examinations including transportation costs and material flow analyses, the planning and creation of functional specifications all the way up to their realization - including many tests and trainings of future users.

What is SAP TM?

SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) is a fully SAP ERP integrated transportation management system, which lowers transportation costs while optimizing material- and goods flows. SAP TM supports the order creation, planning, operation as well as the freight costs billing of complex transportations.

We carefully examine your transportation management

Transportation logistics represents, with about five percent of the overall turnover, a cost factor with huge savings potential.

Free these by transparent processes within increasingly complex transportation networks and global transportation transactions.

We thoroughly examine your transportation- and distribution process.

Innovative advantage with SAP TM

The technological, innovative advantage of SAP Transportation Management starting with version 9.0 paired with our corporate approach, puts you ahead of your competitors. Advanced by our SALT Add-On for packaging and shipping, you elevate your transportation management to the next level and own a tool which covers all transportation requests.

We guarantee increased cost- and process efficiency of your transportation logistics.

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