Transportation management with SAP TM

SALT Solutions’ experts lower your transportation costs and optimize your material- and goods flow. Our SAP TM consultants are equipped with profound expertise gained throughout numerous implementations within the SAP Standard and individual customizings of your SIMPLE SUPPLY CHAIN: Covering process examinations including transportation costs and material flow analyses, the planning and creation of functional specifications all the way up to their realization - including many tests and trainings of future users.

What is SAP TM?

SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) is fully integrated in SAP ERP ECC 6.0 or SAP S/4HANA and operates a transportation management system, which optimizes your freight orders across all types and scenarios of transport. SAP TM completely and consistently enhances material- and goods flows through your end-to-end processes and lowers your transportation costs significantly. SAP TM also supports the implementation of all transportation requests of order- and delivery types in SAP ERP, the manual and automized planning of freights, the actual transportation as well as the freight cost billing. F
Freight costs are distributed to ERP documents according to their origin and create the greatest possible cost transparency.

SAP TM optimizes your transportation management

The future challenge will be to digitalize the entire Supply Chain, completely, end-to-end. Only then enterprises will be able to react to increasingly complex processes and goods flows. Talking about transport this often means that the national and international transportation of goods has to be scheduled in several sections. Enterprises often choose to use an extensive transport network of different forwarders and handling service providers for this purpose.

To achieve fully transparent freight orders and freight cost billings requires a software solution that allows you to control your goods traffic transparently.

What are the features of SAP TM?

SAP TM features the following functions, which can be applied in combination or as a core focus:

  • Transportation planning
  • Order management
  • Freight order processing
  • Execution and monitoring
  • Freight cost - and freight cost billing

Advantages of SAP TM

  • SAP TM can be fully integrated into your SAP processes.
  • TM supports an early-on planning based on SAP order and delivery document types in combination of in- and outbound processes.
  • In applying SAP TM you are controlling all steps of your transportation management, from operation plannings, tendering, execution to billing- covering all types of transport.
  • The planning supports both, the optimization of your own fleets as well as the contracting of external forwarding partners and service providers.
  • The pallet creator and freight hold optimizer provide further tools to guarantee an optimal utilization of your transport resources.
  • The freight cost management functions as basis for negotiations and the billing of your forwarders.
  • The freight cost control and the management of discounts is completely integrated into the SAP billing process.
  • Incurred freight costs are automatically listed on your ERP documents - transparent and assigned to the individual accounts. Detailed real-time KPIs of SAP TM allow immediate access to logistics key figures which serve as a decisive basis for the optimization of your transportation processes.
  • SAP TM can also be fully integrated into SAP logistics modules such as SAP EWM, Yard Logistics, Global Track & Trace and Global Logistics Network.

This is how we can assist you

  • We are equipped with many years of experience with relevant processes and the solution SAP Transportation Management.
  • Our experts are on your side to analyze your requirements, to compile your functional specifications, during the implementation and all the way up to our Application Management Services and Support.
  • As experienced partner of SAP, we develop solutions for SAP ERP and your Supply Chain Execution such as SAP EWM and SAP TM from one single source for a fully integrated supply chain.
  • Our experts are here to help you develop a solution which suits your individual transport situation.
  • Our long-term expertise in SAP implementation will bring you an array of benefits.
  • We support your process analysis and show you how to implement your requirements through SAP TM.
  • Agile procedures, preceding prototyping or classic waterfall models, we offer you the approach that best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about SAP TM

What is SAP TM?

SAP TM is the Transportation Management solution from SAP. With this tool, transport planning and the flow of materials and goods can be optimized. Users benefit from transparent end-to-end processes even for complex transports and extensive networks. The solution supports order entry, planning, execution and invoicing of transports.

Why SAP TM? What are the advantages of SAP TM?

  • SAP TM facilitates your transport management and provides transparency for fleet, freight and national and international logistics routes.
  • You improve the adherence to deliver on time for your customers by having a better overview of transport routes and delivery dates.
  • SAP TM stores your transport data and makes it available for extensive analyses to optimize transport processes.
  • With SAP TM, you can create feasible transportation plans.

What integration options are available for SAP TM?

As a full-fledged SAP TM, you can use it as an embedded system in SAP ERP ECC 6.0 or SAP S/4HANA for transport management. The Basic Shipping module is also available in S/4HANA. Its functionalities replace parts of the LE-TRA module and offer solutions for transport management as well. As a third variant, SAP TM can also be operated in a separate system.

SAP TM : areas of application

SAP supports various possibilities of application - and integration:

  • SAP TM S/4HANA embedded to implement complex transportation scenarios
  • SAP TM Basic Shipping to replace LE-TRA
  • Enhanced by SALT Add-Ons for the shipment processing

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