SALT Add-On Tracking

Track & Trace: Transparent tracking directly in SAP

Track your shipments across multiple service providers through your SAP System. The status of each unit can be traced transparently and at any time with the SALT Tracking. You do not just receive current data but are also able to access logs of previous shipments at any given moment.

The SALT Add-On Tracking optimizes your shipping processes and creates more transparency. The add-on increases the efficiency of your operations, information about shipments do no longer have to be retrieved manually from third-party systems or websites of service providers.

What is the SALT Add-On Tracking?

The SALT Tracking is a SAP-based add-on. With the SALT Add-On Tracking you access status information about your shipments (tracking status) at a transportation service provider and assign this information to a tracking reference (usually a package/handling unit in SAP) of the forwarder.

The SALT Add-On Tracking is the right solution for you, if …

  • you would like to standardize your status logs and status notifications instead of having to handle several variants: tracking logs of your service providers can be replaced by your customized status logs such as, for example „Shipment was sent successfully“
  • you would like to have access to all tracking logs in one SAP System: The SALT Add-On saves all complete logs in SAP including possible proprietary status information
  • you would like to operate one instead of several softwares: The SALT Add-On Tracking brings all tracking logs of transportation service providers into your SAP System via file drives such as FTP, SFTP, web-services or related technologies
  • you would like to receive information about your shipments directly in your SAP standard dialogues: The SALT Tracking enables the display of status data in SAP. So you can immediately react to status values for follow-up actions.
  • Intuitive: Easy integration and fast configuration
  • Barrier-free: Supports a wide variety of formats and technologies
  • Tailor-made: Continuously integrable into SAP shipping processes
  • Efficient: Increases transparency and customer satisfaction
  • Secure: Reuse of firewalls and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

In applying the SALT Add-On Tracking, our customers gain full transparency about all shipped packages. When installing the software we stay true to our motto. It is only good when it is easy.

Florian Stolz
Team Lead Logistics Products

Advantages of the SALT Add-On Tracking

  • Increases the transparency of the shipping process (for example for the sales department)
  • Increases the satisfaction of your customers
  • Offers increased security through the reuse of firewalls and DMZ
  • Can be dynamically scaled when retrieving tracking logs
  • Fully SAP integrated and release-proof


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