SALT Add-On Pallet Optimizer

You would like to create your picking pallets as early as possible during the shipment- or loading process in order to reach the most optimal pallet load and utilization - but you do not have the right tools available so far?

Our SALT Add-On Pallet Optimizer automatically compiles your picking pallets right during the planning phase. Even your requirements related to transportation such as the unloading sequence or mixed pallets can be implemented.

All criteria concerning pallet creations combined in one Add-On

The SALT Add-On Pallet Optimizer considers all crucial variables of your picking process according to their efficiency:

  • Restrictions for material groups
  • Automatic selection of suitable packagings
  • Optimal freight hold utilization and freight cost reduction
  • Shortened packing- and picking times
  • Correct picking guidelines
  • Prevention of product damages

Your packages are combined on predefined pallet types according to their weight, measurements, stackability and weight carrying capacity. Your further transportation- and freight hold planning benefits from optimally created pallets while you deliver more goods to your customers with less effort.

Extend the SAP-standard effectively

The SALT Add-On based on the SAP NetWeaver Business Client is system-independent and can be operated modularly. Our experts integrate the Add-On into your processes with SAP ERP, EWM and TM without putting your application at risk. The Add-On processes large data volumes with high performance while conserving your resources.

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