SOLO Buy: Mobile app for the purchasing department

With our offline-operable iPad app SOLO Buy, you get your purchasing team ready for using mobile devices on order fairs, in showrooms or at your supplier. In applying the SOLO Integration Server, we link the software to your ERP System. If you are operating SAP ERP, we will integrate SOLO Buy via the SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) in combination with our in-house developed SALT-Adapter.

Purchasing successfully with the iPad

Your purchasing teams are constantly on the road and have to keep an eye on colors, cuts, prices and limits. We united all necessary functions in one iPad app: SOLO Buy. From the photographer to accessing and recording customer - and item master data up to the actual order. The offline capability of SOLO Buy is one major advantage: prior to meetings, your employees synchronize their iPads with the backend and receive all necessary information, work offline during meetings and once again, synchronize data afterwards. This completely eliminates time consuming reworking and makes current data accessible to all responsible employees within your enterprise.

Mobile all-in-one package

Our experts integrate SOLO Buy as all-in-one package for your mobile purchasing team and will adjust it to meet your individual needs at any time. Afterwards, we offer Support Services and provide operational support to make sure your are benefitting from the continuous development of the iPad app.

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