Production planning and control with SAP PP

With SAP PP (Production Planning and Control) you have a component at your hand which offers extensive functions for smooth and interlinking production processes. This includes the operative, temporal, quantity and spacial planning as well as the control, monitoring and management of your production supply chain. Our experts master the SAP Standard, tune the component and enhance SAP PP specifically to holistically implement your processes whenever required.

What is SAP PP?

SAP Production Planning and Control (SAP PP) provides extensive features for operative, quantity and spacial production plannings and guarantees smooth and interlinking production processes.

SAP PP interacting with SALT Add-Ons

Wherever the SAP PP Standard fails to meet your needs, our experts will bridge the gap by implementing our fully integrated SALT Add-Ons:

  • Produce in following the lean principle with our SALT Add-On Lean Production for a stock optimized Supply Chain and a leveled production.
  • The SALT Add-On Control Panel supplements the SAP PP standard in finite detailed plannings and ensures on-time processings.
  • In case of additionally required extensions such as optimized confirmation dialogues within the material flow systems of your production - our experts are always ready to provide customized developments.

Frequently asked questions about SAP PP

What does SAP PP stand for?

SAP PP stands for SAP Production Planning and Control. The SAP PP module contains all the tools of the SAP ERP system that support companies in planning production activities. SAP PP deals with operative, temporal, quantitative and spatial planning and, in addition, with the control, monitoring and administration of all production activities.

When and why use SAP PP?

Production planning is one of the most important tasks for companies in the manufacturing industry. Only if this process is mapped effectively and efficiently is a manufacturing company able to achieve its goals in the long term. The acceleration in the market means that even short-term and very special orders must be completed on time in order to realize individual customer requirements promptly. For this reason, planning in companies is becoming increasingly complex and can no longer be realized without special software. For companies that use SAP ERP, the PP module is highly relevant. With its flexibility, the module makes it possible to realize short-term orders while ensuring quality.

What are the functions of SAP PP?

The essential function of SAP PP is to ensure smooth and interlocking processes in production. With SAP PP, companies create production plans and can execute orders according to plan. In addition, SAP PP offers further functions such as "adherence to schedules" and "quality assurance".

What are the sub-modules of SAP PP?

The SAP PP module is divided into five sub-modules, each covering their own areas of responsibility:

PP-PI - Process Industries: In this sub-module, processes and functions for batch-oriented production are mapped. The main areas of application are usually the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry.

PP-MRP - Material Requirements Planning: This component deals with material requirements planning, the central task of which is to ensure material availability at all times.

PP-REM - Repetitive Manufacturing: This sub-module is used for production planning within the framework of series and flow production and is frequently used in the automotive industry.

PP-SFC - Shop Floor Control SFC: This component combines manufacturing and production planning. Integrated into production, production orders are controlled and monitored here.

PP-MP - Master Planning: This sub-module supports companies primarily in long-term production planning. For annual planning or rolling quarterly planning, it is necessary to obtain an overview of the future requirements situation.

Processes for your production requirements

Many customers already profit from custom-fit SAP PP integrations provided by our experts. Our corporate approach aims to deliver software solutions which immediately contribute to an optimization of your production planning- and control: the SIMPLE SUPPLY CHAIN.

Get in touch with our experts and learn about the function range of SAP PP and all related potentials of fully integrated extensions.

Get in touch with our experts and learn about the function range of SAP PP and all related potentials of fully integrated extensions.

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