SAP DMI for holistic analyses of your production processes

SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights was first introduced during the SAP Leonardo Live Event in Germany and is supposed to increase production transparency in real-time as performance management solution. But where do we integrate SAP DMI in the context of the SAP IoT portfolio? What are the advantages of SAP DMI for manufacturing enterprises? The following will clarify some of the most important questions.

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What is SAP DMI?

SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights (SAP DMI) represent a central, data-driven and cloud-based performance management solution for production processes. By gathering, providing and visualizing Key Performance Indicators in real-time, SAP DMI increases the transparency of the production environment and supports tactical as well as strategical decisions for increased production performance.

SAP DMI as product of the IoT-portfolios SAP Leonardo

With SAP Leonardo, SAP offers a portfolio of innovations featuring new technologies and services to support enterprises during their digital transformation. Various worlds of applications cluster all products of the portfolio according to their particular features. The application area „Connected Assets“ covers all solutions for the digital transformation of the production (Digital Manufacturing). In addition to the classic on-premise manufacturing suite (SAP ME, SAP MII, SAP PCo), complementary on-premise and cloud solutions can be found here, all operating on the SAP Cloud platform. Including SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service (SAP PdMS), SAP Asset Intelligence Network (SAP AIN) and SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights (SAP DMI).

While SAP PdMS serves as predictive maintenance, SAP AIN as business network for the availability of standardized data in the cloud, enables the unique, virtual presentation of physical equipment („digital twin“). With SAP DMI, the IoT-portfolio offers a central, data-driven manufacturing performance management solution in the cloud, which increases the production transparency by collecting, providing and visualizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time.


Challenges of the performance management in the productive environment

Producing enterprises are facing increased challenges. Due to missing, clearly defined KPIs, performances within- or across plants can only be compared and controlled vaguely. A uniform plant performance cannot be guaranteed.

The lack of transparency on a global level also increases the difficulty of conditions and lengthens analyses of production performances and deductions of resulting measures beyond system boundaries. Corrective measures on a local as well as global level can only be conducted with extreme delays.

What are the advantages of SAP DMI?

SAP DMI faces challenges in the productive environment with preconfigured KPIs and intuitive analyses, enabling an evaluation of global and operational production performances. The seamless integration into several systems and interfaces for data collection purposes guarantees harmonized production data of various production- and automatization systems, so error analyses and according measures can be accelerated.

Digitale Transormation: Treiber der digitalen Transformation und Einflussfaktoren auf IT-Systeme
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  • Harmonization of collected data from various production applications
  • Preconfigured and intuitive analyses for evaluating global and operational production performances
  • Increased transparency and report consistency beyond system boundaries
  • Accelerated corrective measures due to increased error analyses
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