SAP Internet of Things – a universal platform for digitalization

Speaking about the platform SAP Internet of Things without mentioning one buzzword after the other is extremely difficult. So let’s start: SAP Internet of Things can function as the technological foundation for your complete digitalization strategy. As the innovation system of SAP, SAP Internet of Things unites a broad variety of technologies which are crucial for digitalization on the SAP Cloud platform. SAP Internet of Things represents a basis for the Internet of Things (IoT) and enables Machine Learning, Business Analytics, Data Intelligence, Blockchain, Design Thinking and Big Data. SAP Internet of Things also operates as a link to digital systems beyond the world of SAP.

What is SAP Internet of Things?

SAP Internet of Things is the collective term for SAP products and solutions that can be used in the context of the Internet of Things. SAP Internet of Things solutions serve as connectors to the digital world in order to realize applications and concepts within the field of Machine Learning, Internet of Things, BigData, Data Intelligence, Blockchain and Analytics.

Where do I start digitalizing?

We advise you objectively and open-minded about which of these technologies will bring real business value, where to start and where to wait. We don’t do magic - instead we apply state-of-the-art analytic methods that incorporate every single aspect of your Supply Chain. Based on this, we recommend technologies which will best help you to achieve your business goals and measurable success. But we do not just consult you. We also make sure your implementation succeeds and all your daily processes run reliably, keyword Application Management Services and 24/7-support based in Germany.


Customize your transition

Transitioning to a digital Supply Chain is inevitable, the individual specification however, completely depends upon your particular circumstances. In the field of warehouse logistics we have been linking machines, sensors and devices directly to SAP WM and EWM for ages. What could your digitalization project based on SAP Internet of Things look like? The following will feature a few possible cases.

Examples for digitalization projects with SAP Internet of Things

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is supposed to make processes more efficient in the future by machines learning from their own data. This will be very useful for product-related processes in particular. The overall system will be less prone to failures. Machine Learning can be applied within warehouse logistics such as intelligent robots accompanying humans during the picking process or creating self-learning autonomous transportation systems.

Plan transportation processes

SAP Internet of Things also offers supportive features concerning Yard Logistics for planning transportation processes in the yard as well as Transportation Management features for order consolidations such as sensor controlling at terminal gates.


In the Internet of Things everyone will be connected to everything - man, machine and the complete process. This linkage can be done holistically in the cloud, no matter whether the cloud will be provided by Google, Amazon, Microsoft or directly by SAP.


The Blockchain takes the security concept into account by means of crypto graphical procedures in order to implement confidential processes digitally and efficiently with all required security measures.

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