SAP Fiori – Where efficiency meets design

SAP Fiori opens up the possibility to develop individual, responsive and user-friendly dialogues with groundbreaking User Experience (UX). Why does SAP Fiori have the potential to revolutionize the creation of apps for the business world? The use of mobile end devices increased significantly during the last years throughout all professional fields. Applying browser-based solutions for smartphones and tablets was avoided in the past, due to an unsatisfying usability involving extensive charging times or inaccurate displays.

Technologies vastly matured, performances of mobile applications and services are oftentimes ahead of their desktop alternatives. A trend which is definitely supported by SAP Fiori and SAP UI5, so custom-fit business applications can be created. SAP UI5 is one of the most well known interface technologies and is optimally suitable to design lean business applications. As framework based on HTML5, SAP UI5 guarantees responsivity and can therefore be applied on any end device. Since users are already accustomed to the handling of end devices, enterprises do not have to think twice when it comes to applying SAP Fiori. The developed business app can immediately be used with no more than a little training effort.

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Role-specific interface with SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori provides a new, customizable and role-specific user interface for apps. Enabling the linkage of the app and SAP-based software solutions for mobile end devices. SAP Fiori eliminates all display- and performance errors of the past. The adaptability of SAP Fiori is outstanding: responsive technologies adjust app interfaces individually to each end device which opens up a new world of User Experience. Operations can be processed optimally while employees now spend their time effectively for example in checking current or future orders.

While SAP standard dialogues are usually highly complex, SAP Fiori lives by the motto: mobile first. Easy and effective working with the app.

The major disadvantage of the so far leading technology ITS-Mobile is found in its minor compatibility with different end devices. The rigid display does not utilize the advantages of a large screen nor neutralizes all disadvantages of a small screen. A SAP Fiori based on HTML 5 can-do.

SAP Fiori – Where efficiency meets design

Applications with SAP Fiori

More than 300 different apps for SAP Fiori already exist. A complete list of SAP Fiori apps can be found here.

Countless fields crucially depend on mobility - so SALT Solutions’ experts develop role-based dialogues to immediately support your employees.


  • Handling-Unit-Monitor
  • Resource-Monitor
  • Warehouse-Task-Analysis
  • Time-to-Loading-Overview
  • Dock-Dashboard
  • Special-Handling-Monitor

The most frequently asked questions about SAP Fiori

What is SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori is a user interface that provides a user experience for business applications comparable to consumer apps. With SAP Fiori, companies can personalize and simplify the user experience for their SAP applications on any device. Companies can introduce a new software suite such as SAP S/4HANA, which already has SAP Fiori integrated, or, if they are working with older versions such as SAP R/3, they can use different SAP Fiori apps. This is because SAP Fiori is compatible with all newer generation SAP applications.

For which areas of SAP are Fiori apps provided?

SAP offers numerous Fiori Apps for different business processes. All major SAP areas from ERP to CRM are covered. In this SAP library you will find a complete list of SAP Fiori Apps. New apps are constantly being added, so the range of standard applications is constantly growing.

What are the benefits of SAP Fiori?

Some of the benefits of using SAP Fiori for businesses include

- Simple, user-friendly operation

- Improved user satisfaction through modern designed user interfaces

- Reduction of effort for in-house developments to optimize the user interface

- Optimal display on the desktop and the most common mobile devices

- Increased productivity through fast access to relevant information and applications

- Role-based permissions, so that each user only sees the applications relevant to his or her area of responsibility

What are the core principles of the SAP Fiori design concept?

- Role-based design

- Responsivity

- Simplicity

- Coherence

- Personalizability

What technologies are behind the user experience of Fiori apps?

Behind the intuitive and device-independent user experience of Fiori Apps are two technologies, OData and SAPUI5.

Backend technology: OData. The Open Data Protocol (OData) is an HTTP-based protocol that controls data access between compatible software systems and forms the interface between the UI5 front-end and the SAP back-end.

Frontend technology: SAPUI5. SAP User Interface 5 is one of the most widely used interface technologies and is ideal for developing lean business applications. The HTML5-based framework ensures responsiveness and therefore usability on all mobile devices.

SAP Fiori pros and cons

SAP Fiori’s greatest advantage is the effective utilization of resources. An enterprise deeply familiar with their employee’s behavior, can design dialogues so the app based on SAP Fiori optimally supports workflows with ideal User Experience. SALT Solutions’s experts are an excellent partner for your SAP Fiori implementation.
With extensive expertise for logistics and intra-logistics processes along the supply chain as well as experiences gained throughout countless projects involving SAP-based software solutions, SALT Solutions’s experts design, develop and implement custom-fit apps with SAP Fiori.

However, SAP Fiori is not able to implement the full scope of functions as found in familiar SAP modules. SAP Fiori focusses on a lean app design, so dialogues cannot be heavily complex. Experts of SALT Solutions bridge the gap and integrate all necessary processes without lowering the overall performance.

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