SALT Power UI: No-Code-Platform for business-apps

The graphic interface of our platform SALT Power UI enables us to easily and effortlessly configure tailor-made business apps, featuring individual interfaces, to meet your needs and requirements. You can now provide individual application-specific apps for your employees and gain a so far unknown flexibility.

Offline available data and functions are priceless. Your employees can work without WLAN access while traveling, being at trade fairs or in shielded rooms - never interrupting the work flow while significantly increasing productivity.

What is SALT Power UI?

SALT Power UI is a No-Code-Platform for creating business apps. Individual interfaces can be customized to various applications and roles and are developed with minimal programming effort.

Increased acceptance thanks to role-based apps

With SALT Power UI, your employees receive apps that are exactly customized to their role. Well-arranged, lean apps make even complex processes running through several backend systems such as ERP, warehouse management and CRM, easily manageable. Whether warehouse manager, purchaser or project manager - each employee can now access information and functions to successfully complete any task.

An additional advantage of SALT Power UIs is the option to quickly extend large-scale systems without huge additional investments. A campaign planning is quickly integrated into your CRM system, a warehouse system dashboard is easily developed or a mobile stock information is integrated instantly. All of this is possible without expensive interfaces or additional adaptations.

Major advantages of SALT Power UI

  • The implementation of role-individual apps simplifies overall business processes
  • All employees can access all required functions at any time - independent of the backend system within which these are managed
  • Thanks to the offline capability of SALT Power UI apps, tasks and operations are not disrupted by poor network connections in shielded rooms or during trips
  • SALT Power UI enables the development of overall controlling tools, dashboards and other tools for complex backend systems
  • Live prototyping: in close cooperation with your specialty departments we will develop the most optimal individual solution for you which you can then test risk-free
  • Die Einführung rollenindividueller Apps vereinfacht die Unternehmensprozesse
  • Den Mitarbeitern stehen stets alle Funktionen zur Verfügung, die sie gerade benötigen – egal in welchem Backend-System sie verwaltet werden
  • Da die mit SALT Power UI gestalteten Apps offlinefähig sind, wird die Arbeit nicht von schlechter Netzabdeckung, etwa auf Reisen oder in abgeschirmten Räumen beeinträchtigt
  • SALT Power UI ermöglicht es, übergreifende Steuerungsinstrumente, Dashboards und andere Hilfsmittel für komplexe Backend-Systeme zu entwickeln
  • Live Prototyping: in enger Abstimmung mit Ihrer Fachabteilung entwickeln wir die für Sie beste individuelle Lösung, die Sie risikofrei testen können

Custom-made apps for your employees!

With just a few clicks to a new app

If you wish, we will develop your apps directly on-site, in cooperation with your specialty departments. With just one click the desired design program is selected. Available design programs are Google Material Design, SAP User Interface 5 (SAPUI5) or Bootstrap. SALT Power UI authorizes the access to various data sources such as SQL, Webservices, and own files or even several data sources of a graphic user interface (GUI).

Interactive cross-system dashboards

Light weight-integration of various systems: SAP ERP, EWM, material flow calculator, DWH, etc. without complex interfaces between systems
Interactive dashboards coupled to the backend system: if necessary, actions can be triggered directly from within the dashboard
Common applications: logistics dashboards with integrated external data of service providers, production dashboards with data from the Internet of Things (IoT) and the plant data collection (PDC).
Everything goes mobile: managers and employees can access all information anywhere at any time when on the road

Advantages at one glance

  • All data sources in one GUI
  • Action-buttons directly in the dashboard
  • Real time data possible
  • Interactive charts
  • Responsive design

Mobile data collection – online and offline

With SALT Power UI, custom-made templates for mobile end devices can be designed easily. Simple, clearly structured user interfaces with carefully selected data are extremely important, especially on small touchscreens. Individual templates for logistics processes, maintenance, mobile order, customer services, goods control at the Point-of-Sale or mobile reporting- can be combined quickly and easily- in cooperation with all future users.

Whether SAP Fiori, Google Material Design or classic responsive apps based on the Bootstrap-Framework: SALT Power UI offers for each technology the most important features for mobile working, which are immediately available after installation without further adaptation (out-of-the-box-functions): Support for barcode-scanner, RFID and even offline capability.

PDC and worker terminal

SALT Power UI enables the creation of individual interfaces for plant data collections (PDC interfaces) of any machine and the integration of data from the IoT. Live-prototyping in cooperation with all future users guarantees high acceptance and efficiency of the solution. With SALT Power UI, mobile apps for maintenance purposes are created which contain dashboards for productivity while being extremely reliable.

Advantages at one glance

  • Individual application-specific apps
  • Appealing, modern interfaces
  • Easy integration of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Offline-capability for mobile terminals
  • Flexible integration with SAP: OData, RFC, etc.

Omnichannel at the POS

SALT Power UI enables an effortless development of apps that improve the purchasing processes with functions such as stock information, click & collect and a virtual shelf extension to order products online in the store. All ERP functions take place directly at the Point-of-Sale (POS) or on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

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