Data for Services (D.for.S) - Connected Logistics

The industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) radically shifts the entire order structure. A few larger quantity orders will become many small orders of individual products, key word ‚Lotsize 1‘. All resulting in new requirements for optimized automatizations and increased transparency along the entire supply chain.

Enterprises need something novel which we can support with D.for.S: Connected Logistics. Supply Chains are formed of machines and devices made by different manufacturers. They all speak a different language and have not yet learnt to communicate with each other. How do we get them to talk to each other?

The solution D.for.S: Data for Services.


What is Data for Services (D.for.S)?

Data for Services offers flexible and scalable data rooms which help to translate all information coming from different data sources into one coherent language for all.

Use all your data of all your sources

With Data for Services (D.for.S) we develop scalable and flexible data rooms which help to translate all information of different sources into one understandable language for all.

We create digital twins of all logistically relevant signals, analyze and monitor processes within a cooperate data room while converting them into process commands.This is how we form the foundation of a transparent and partially- or fully automated Supply Chain.

Since everyone is part of the system, even supplier or external partners, all participating machines are communicating with each other, ensuring a smooth cooperation. The entire Supply Chain becomes transparent and partially- or fully automated.

Advantages of D.for.S


  • Central supply of relevant data
  • Complete transparency of all linked processes
  • Data translation and harmonization of all linked machines and systems


  • Linkage of overall supply chain processes at suppliers, manufactures and purchasers
  • Seamless cooperation of all participating machines thanks to one uniform language


  • Scalable and flexible data rooms for individual user scenarios
  • Creation and application of digital twins for an effective planning, controlling and monitoring

Digital twins for maximal transparency and control

Digital twins enable the visualization of all data and their impact on systems and processes. The overall process is controlled and monitored efficiently. Specified linkages of systems and machines connect processes and physical operations beyond individual plants or enterprises and enable their automatization.

For example, the removal of one material and its subsequent processing can be triggered automatized by a customer order created in the system. All upcoming activities were defined in the process and are triggered automatized following a domino effect while being controlled by the fine tuning of all participating machines and systems.

As central data platform, D.for.S monitors and orchestrates all actions thanks to its 360 degree view upon all data and enables an overall automatization. Sensor data, stock information, in-and outbound of required parts as well as transportation routes, plant status and saved rule concepts - D.for.S considers all relevant information.

Providing consistent data while increasing speed, all in the scope of a significantly simplified process design - that’s D.for.S.

Together we will find the perfect solution to meet your needs.

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