Material flow control with SAP EWM MFS or SAP TRM

Material flow control in real time from entering to leaving goods

Material flow systems are located somewhere in between the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and storage programmable systems (SPS) within the logistics and contain functions for management, coordination, monitoring and control of resources and transports as well as organizing features for picking supply. MFS are responsible for controlling the destination of goods movements from the goods entry, to warehousing, picking and shipping. In addition, the Material Flow System coordinates and optimizes the sequence of work steps, controls the order processing and issues operation commands to the SPS of machines or systems.

Our experts establish conditions for smooth processes and a material flow control in real time with SAP within your fully automated warehouse - without an additional material flow calculator.

What exactly is material flow control?

The material flow control includes the control of data- and information flows within automated systems and warehouses while representing a highly complex task. A large number of machines and components, such as conveyance and storage and retrieval systems have to be coordinated in real time. Downtimes should be avoided completely- or in case of an emergency - be fixed as quickly as possible.

SAP EWM MFS or SAP TRM for your warehouse

Whether new warehouse construction or retrofit, implementation or optimization: Our experts have mastered all SAP software components in order to integrate high bay -, tray - or automated small parts warehouses as well as shuttles, driverless transportation systems, industrial lifts, and pick stations into your warehouse and material handling and to implement these processes seamlessly. A fully in SAP EWM integrated MFS controls your material fully automated.

With SAP TRM as extension of SAP LES, our experts will interlink your plant control while additionally developing all necessary requirements set in SAP EWM by applying standard customizing at almost no additional effort.
From the consulting to system architectures, processes, planning, design, development and implementation - SALT Solutions’ experts are on your side. Our corporate approach stands for short project phases at low costs and provides our Rapid Deployment Solutions for your project.

Process experts for your material flow

Our experts are familiar with highly complex material handling systems. We corporate closely with plant control manufacturers in order to provide you a single-source material flow control at the Go-Live while our support will ensure continuous operations further on.

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