Optimization of incoming goods with SAP & non-SAP solutions

More ergonomics for your incoming goods

Close to the standard in SAP EWM and SAP LES or within out own solution LogBase, our experts individually implement your incoming goods processes. We provide ergonomic dialogues and link state-of-the-art technologies to your SAP System. An increase in workplace ergonomics accelerates processes and lowers error rates. Our experts take care of consulting, conceptual design, development and implementation.

Tailor-made storing processes

Your goods entry is the most crucial interface between internal and external logistics. An explicit identification, a diligent quality control and the correct registration of goods in SAP is essential for you. Our experts shape your goods entry processes by means of standard customizings, including previous- and post processes: from unloading and deconsolidation to quality control and individual storing strategies. In combination with tailor-made dialogs and the seamless connection of scanners and mobile data terminals (MDT), you receive a complete package that generates real added value for your goods entry.

Experts for processes and warehouse IT

Our experts are experienced in implementing and providing profound IT know-how for your project and are deeply familiar with all warehouse processes. As we have successfully demonstrated in countless projects, see here: Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG .

Get in touch and let our expert demonstrate you in our showroom how to individually implement your processes and how to increase ergonomics for your employees in the goods entry.

Get to know how to increase your process efficiency.

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