The art of optimally balancing pace and costs

If a spare part is needed, it is urgent. Spare parts mean breakdowns, machine downtimes, not-taking-off aircrafts. Each downtime, each delayed minute costs cash - the delivery of spare parts is always a race against time. Lufthansa Technik has been globally relying on our services for more than twenty years - find out here how you can benefit for yourself.

Scheduling when and where a part fails, is impossible - which requires the highest degree of flexibility possible. An extreme challenge even when it is just screws for the automotive industry we are talking about. Complex, expensive components that also take up a lot of space - such as aircraft turbines - make the whole thing pretty tense.

The immense time pressure of spare part logistics services are reflected in demanding Service Level Agreements (SLAs), in some cases defining delivery times of no more than 15 minutes. These kind of SLAs can only be fulfilled with applications that are individually adjusted to your processes.

What exactly is spare part logistics?

Spare part logistics describes a part of procurement logistics and takes care of a prompt delivery of spare parts and their according storage. The major challenge lies in the time pressure and high degree of flexibility, both required during breakdowns. Speed is a must, each downtime minute costs cash. Whether it is simple screws or complex products such as aircraft turbines.

Our spare part logistics services

Core of our services is the definition of reasonable SLAs in cooperation with the customer and their compliance. One example of a common agreement would be, for example, the guarantee of 99,7 percent system availability with a round-the-clock support, provided by our qualified team, located in Wuerzburg. Beyond that, we also take care of all aspects crucial for the Supply Chain such as

  • the order control
  • the goods entry
  • the customs clearing for im- and export
  • the warehouse management
  • the shipping system
  • the reporting
  • the invoicing

as well as a smooth integration of all these aspects into your logistics processes and technical systems.

It all depends on supplying required spare parts as fast as possible wherever they are needed. Time pressure is immense and costs do play an important role. We support you in defining reasonable SLAs, because these are key for your success.

Ralf Richter
Business Department Manager

Balancing factors as a challenge

The challenge clearly lies in an economically effective balancing of the factor speed versus the factor warehousing costs. How many parts are worth to be kept in the warehouse? Are, for some parts, longer delivery times acceptable if you save costs? And for which parts is a prompt delivery essential and higher costs are, in this case, acceptable? All of these crucial questions are totally depended on the individual enterprise and their answers have to be analyzed precisely, a process we would be happy to assist you with.

High availability and qualified support

Next to implementing individual applications, we also offer a 24/7 support of your logistics applications - whether they were created by us or any other service provider. With a guaranteed availability of 99,7 percent of systems supported by us, we ensure a high availability of your Supply Chain.

This is how we optimize your spare part logistics

Our order control offers an array of possibilities to optimize your spare part logistics:

  • Planning security: You will already know the target date when the order comes in. On this basis, you can reliably plan your processes right from the start.
  • Optimize costs: We automatically identify all the possibilities you have to transport a part from A to B. We select the optimal transportation according to whether the promised delivery date can be met and consider costs as well as contracts.
  • Technical advantage: We apply modern technologies to lower operation costs and use docker-based cloud systems. These bring costs advantages for the operation of the application and therefore relieve your IT budget.

Rely upon our established know how

Our experts have demonstrated their experience within the logistics sector. We are familiar will every challenge of the spare part logistics thanks to about twenty years of operating the entire Supply Chain of Lufthansa Technik (LHT).
At Lufthansa Technik Logistic Services (LTLS), a hundred percent subsidiary of LHT, we

  • installed the warehouse management software L/Warehouse
  • installed the automated warehouse system AutoStore in Hamburg and Munich and saved storage areas by operating this highly optimized container warehouse
  • developed the order control system linX for costs- and delivery date optimizations
  • introduced an automated customs processing for im- and exports and saved on costs for manual customs clearance

As you can see, our team is more than ready to handle extremely complex tasks. Get in touch with me, if your are interested how you too, can benefit from our expertise.

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