Freight tender with SAP

Freight tender based on individual criteria

Flexibility is crucial when selecting your freight forwarder. To guide goods into the right tracks, predefined individual criteria of contractors have to be taken into account. With our IT solutions based on SAP TM, you select freight forwarders either manually or automatically and create tender profiles by means of a sequential or simultaneous tender procedure. The communication with freight forwarders from the tender to the contracting is carried out via EDI, Email, fax or a web portal.

Your global transportation network under our lens

This procedure pays off for you. Transparent decision making criteria allow the selection of the cheapest freight forwarder and optimize your work processes. And it does not stop here: the automated communication with your business partners reduces your processing costs.

IT- and process competence for more transparency

IT- and process competence for more transparency
By means of our requirement analyses and feasibility studies, business cases and realization projects, we design tailor-made IT solutions based on prefab integration scenarios. Our corporate approach includes corporate workshops and user trainings. Our experts master complex architectures, develop lean realization projects and enhance the standard by SALT Add-Ons for your added value.

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