One single system for the freight cost management

Transparency is the most important factor when optimizing cost structures. This is where we start when taking care of your freight cost management. Transportation cost calculation and - billing in one system creates transparency all the way down to the material level. Unreasonable freight costs are now a thing of the past. Freight analyses help to identify optimization potential along the transportation chain.

Global freight cost management with online-collaboration

Our solution is based on SAP TM, which also contains an online-portal for the collaboration with service providers. The high integration of SAP ERP directly integrates the freight cost document into the financial accounting with SAP FI/CO. Freight purchasing, freight tendering and invoice deviation clarifications are done in the portal. Transportation cost calculation for customers and suppliers as well as associated profitability tests are a special strength of SAP TM, freight agreements with forwarders and third-party customers are documented and an exact cost assignment on several levels is guaranteed.

We will take care of your freight costs

We design an extensive concept, based on pre-made integration scenarios by means of our requirement analyses and feasibility studies, business cases and realization projects. Our corporate approach includes corporate workshops and user trainings. Our experts master complex architectures, develop lean realization projects and enhance the standard by SALT Add-Ons for your added value.

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