SCADA-solutions for your plant control

We continue your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) implementation coherently on machine and plant level. With SCADA solutions based on industry typical automatization products such as SIMATIC-IT, we integrate your control, machines and production set-ups with the MES level.

From the go-live to maintaining your solution

The operation- and maintenance organization has to operate and monitor a number of different machines and controls simultaneously. Which includes user -and switching processes on HMI (Human-Machine-Interfaces) as well as on central control panels. In case of an emergency, responsible staff members have to be sent to eliminate disturbances at once, without tying too many resources for maintenance measures. Reduce downtimes and efforts during the go-live and the integration of your machines and user terminals.

Development - and implementation competence for SCADA

Our experts support you:

  • In creating tools to link controls to your HMI and control systems
  • In implementing central and dezentral visualization- and user systems based on Siemens WCC as well as for implementations of alarm
  • mechanisms based on Siemens ACC.

Learn how to make your processes even more effective.

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