Ready for the future with the right Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

You are looking into installing a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)? We offer IT solutions for your production processes based on SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution) and SAP MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) and assist you in designing, realizing and implementing it right from the start - all wrapped up with our Support Services (Application Management Services).

Production - where IT expertise meets process competence

Our experts do not just bring professional knowledge in the fields of production and IT expertise to your Manufacturing Execution System, but most of all, long-term experience gained throughout numerous projects.

With predefined shop floor connectors based on SAP PCo (Plant Connectivity) as well as all essential ERP expertise, we lead your projects safely and efficiently to their goal.

We take care of it

With this, we ensure an overall order control along the entire production process which can be continuously improved by real time data analyses, key figures and PDCA control circuits. Get the benefits of a paperless production with process interlockings including the traceability of semi- as well as finished products.

Learn how to make your processes even more effective.

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