Self Service BI – Creating analyses and reports directly in all specialty departments

Due to the high complexity of classical Business Intelligence (BI-) software, it was for a long time left to the IT departments to figure out insights whereas all the other departments were dependent on working closely with the IT. This has changed: new generations of BI software can be operated by the departments themselves, improve the quality of analyses and reports, save time for IT staff and valuable resources for the entire enterprise.

Quick decisions based on solid data

Self Service Business Intelligence (SSBI) is a processes within which users can independently access the data warehouse to supplement central data with department-specific information if required, to create reports and conduct analyses. This decentral analysis can be applied for frequently recurring decisions in particular and in cases where users have to act extremely fast. The enterprise-wide data basis is constantly growing and becomes the one single point of truth for all employees at any time, representing the only valid, always up-to-date basis for decision making. Crucial data of the enterprise should still be processed and provided by IT experts. Data, processed and added by users should be reviewed regularly by the IT to decide whether they are added to the data basis of the enterprise and are therefore accessible for all users.

Thanks to SSBI, users get better results faster:

  • Faster, because they do not have to wait for IT departments
  • Better, because they are now able to gain deeper insights from data due to their own expertise

What is Self Service BI?

Self Service BI solutions enable users to create reports and analyses on their own without being dependent on the IT department.

SSBI – a business-critical process?

Dependent on the application, SSBI can be critical, namely when people in charge make business decisions and derive measures based on reports and analyses created with SSBI. This is why the following aspects are crucial:

  • Data quality: not impeccable data quality leads to an inconsistent basis for reports and analyses which falsifies the result.
  • IT- security has to be guaranteed by an overall data processing structure, an assignment of specific user rights, a correct handling of enterprise-relevant data as well as guidelines for handling the SSBI application.
  • Requirements concerning Data Governance and Compliance have to be fulfilled at any time.

Thanks to Self Service Business Intelligence, users get better results much faster.

Why we would love to be your partner

When introducing and designing a SSBI process, which should be accepted by all employees while offering real added value, a tailor-made solution is required. We have proven our expertise in numerous customer projects and showed that we implement SSBI processes which meet the requirements.

We implement:

SSBI-processes, based on analyzed enterprise processes which are therefore optimally tailored to each individual enterprise

SSBI-processes, giving enough freedom for all departments while creating a reliable workflow with the IT department to guarantee the consistency of analyses from individual users

SSBI-processes, which we bring to life in the specialty departments by specifications for operation, training and support

Excerpt from our successful SSBI-projects

Leading provider of SaaS-solutions

We have created a data warehouse for a leading provider of SaaS solutions, covering a multi-client environment.

Our service range:

  • Tool selection (MS SQL-Server)
  • Implementation of the entire ETL-process which fills the data warehouse
  • Provision of analysis cubes (SSAS) based on which, users create analyses and reports
  • Creation of standard reports based on customer requirements which are flexibly adjustable and can be filtered by run-time parameter
  • Administration and configuration of the overall system

DRK Home Emergency Call

For the DRK Home Emergency Call we have introduced a solution for reporting and analyzing with Microsoft Power BI. As IT service provider we are supporting reporting and analyzing processes by:

  • data modeling and data linkage to monthly reports, which are the basis for creating reports and conducting analyses with Microsoft Power BI and
  • the creation of data visualizations for business-critical report sheets based on an excel-based prototype.

On that account, employees can evaluate any data to develop an improved basis for marketing measures, enterprise performance and trainings. The development of the demands of corporate customers can now also be better coordinated.

Unleash the potential of your value chain with suitable BI solutions.

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