Transparency with Manufacturing Intelligence

We realize analysis BI solutions, delivering insights as basis for production-relevant decisions. From consulting to planning to implementing, we are on your side with our corporate approach. You gain reliable bases for decision makings, can initiate immediate measures for correction and improvement and significantly reduce your post-processing costs while increasing your output at the same time.

Reliable basis for decision making in production

Up-to-date production data about lot sizes, scrap or machine- and material availability are extremely valuable if you can identify meaningful relationships amongst them. Our experts support you to clearly recognize causes for defective developments.

With BI solutions, data deriving from various sources such as controls, instrumentation, quality systems, ERP and further systems is combined and provided for production.

In doing so, we rely on online monitoring your production processes in addition to historical data from which conclusions for future developments can be drawn.

Your project in skilled hands

We have already supported a large number of customers to efficiently utilize their data stocks by means of analysis-oriented BI solutions. In addition to our IT know how and our production process competence, we also contribute these experiences to your project.

Get in touch with our experts and get to know how our IT solutions in the context of Manufacturing Intelligence create more transparency and deliver a reliable basis for decisions.

Unleash the potential of your value chain with appropriate BI solutions.

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