You want to digitalize, optimize, automate - in other words, increase the efficiency of your Supply Chain or your production? Whether an isolated solution approach will generate desired effects for your Supply Chain cannot be foretold. Nowadays IT systems define an elemental component of your production and have to be included into any analysis. Worst case scenario: optimizing individual process steps might even lead to conflicting objectives and poorer system performance.

How do you now decide where to start your digitalization? How do you know which processes are most in need for optimization measures? Which improvements would have the greatest impact on the efficiency of your entire Supply Chain?

We recommend to have this question answered in form of a „system-based value stream analysis 4.0“. This holistic approach provides a number and fact-based foundation concerning the questions: How does my production operate today within an overall context? Where are is the greatest leverage and potential for optimization? How do I interconnect physical processes and innovative, digital solutions?

What exactly is a value stream analysis?

The value stream analysis defines a consulting approach, which enables to analyze Supply Chain processes of an enterprise holistically while understanding causal relations between complex processes. The results deliver information about which process adjustments are most potent for improving the overall performance.

A systematic and comprehensive analysis of the entire production and all relevant general conditions including SAP - the system-based value stream analysis 4.0 does it all.

Philipp Büdel
Team Lead Products and Innovations

What we analyze

Our system-based value stream analysis 4.0 represents an overall analysis of the current production processes and covers physical processes and IT systems which we will document and compare according to a standardized procedure.
All relevant information will be combined to one compact documentation. This is how we create transparency, unravel isolated perspectives and gain a holistic understanding of the production system and its complex interrelations. In addition we enrich these insights with information from software analyses and knowledge of your experts. In the end, you will have a profound basis available for identifying and evaluating optimization measures.

The value stream analysis in 7 steps

  • Analysis and documentation of the physical value creation process
  • Comparison of IT - and physical processes
  • Identification of relevant general conditions
  • Enrichment of results with insights gained through SALT analysis tools, such as e.g. ABC/XYZ analyses and EPEI calculations
  • Overall analysis of the current production process
  • Comparison with strategic goals
  • Specific measures to increase optimization potential

Fact-based identification of operational options

Based on this vast analysis, we identify possible operational options and evaluate these unbiased:

  • You gain a clear evaluation framework for all recommended optimization measures
  • We prioritize all operational recommendations according to their largest overall leverage effects

The overall goal of this analysis is to strengthen your strategic competitive advantages.

Example for derived recommendations

Recommendations for physical and IT processes

We recommend:

  • to introduce a paper-less production (BDE)
  • to implement FIFO routes (First In - First Out)
  • to conduct set up workshops in order to implement smaller lots
  • to decouple (or combine) production steps

Recommendations for SAP optimizations

We recommend:

  • to implement eKANBAN
  • to introduce SAP EWM
  • a leveling process after the production sequence
  • a dynamized stock dimensioning according to market demands
  • a dynamized master data updating for the consumption control

We take care of your way to Industry 4.0.

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