As house of SCM, we accompany your enterprise through all phases of your Supply Chain digitalization, from analyses and consulting services to the implementation, application management and support. The „Digital maturity measurement“ stands at the very beginning of this phase model. A lot of enterprises are not aware of their own digital status quo and can therefore not assess the potential of the digital transformation for their own enterprise.

What is the „Digital maturity measurement“?

The „Digital maturity measurement“ enables an overall assessment of the individual digital maturity of producing enterprises by applying a scientific interview study.

In order to answer the question of the digital status quo, the Fraunhofer research group developed a method to assess the digitalization degree of producing enterprises based on the preliminary work of the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg. The „Digital maturity measurement“ enables a holistic assessment of the individual digital maturity of producing enterprises by applying a scientific interview study. Building onto the analyzed initial state, reference points for subsequently following steps within the digitalization process, are identified.

SALT Solutions applies the "Digital maturity measurement" as cooperation partner of the Fraunhofer SCS

This is how the „Digital maturity measurement“ works

In preparation of the „Digital maturity measurement“, we paint a clear picture of the enterprise to be analyzed and cooperatively define general conditions (range, interview partner, procedure, etc.) for the maturity measurement.

Concerning your individual maturity measurement, we adapt the interview guideline to the specific context of the enterprise. We, for example, focus on a particular product, a product group or a business department. By covering different dimensions such as production processes, product offers, IT systems and the business strategy of the digital transformation we pursue a holistic measurement of the digital maturity.

Subsequently the Fraunhofer SCS evaluates all interviews and data. The digital maturity of your enterprise is defined and your enterprise is positioned in reference to the considered dimensions:



Based on the individual maturity we will give you impulses for advancing the digital transformation of your enterprise. For this purpose we rely on the broad application databank of the Fraunhofer SCS. All results are presented and cooperatively discussed in the scope of a workshop.

We support your...

  • Analysis of your degree of digitalization
  • Holistic measurement of all relevant aspects concerning the digital transformation
  • Identification of potential of the digital transformation for your enterprise

We provide...

  • Impulses to digitally advance your enterprise, also based on the application databank of the Fraunhofer SCS
  • Measures for action concerning the next possible steps of advancing your digital transformation


All gained insights form a profound basis for further steps on your path into the digital transformation. On this basis, we offer you an array of additional tools with which you can follow this path on an ever stronger data and fact base and ensure that the chosen measures contribute to your business goals.

Further consulting - and analysis tools of SALT Solutions

Our northern star consulting ensures that all investments in measures related to the digitalization are assigned to one clearly defined business goal. This is how we guarantee that you reach your goals. We also develop a methodically valid roadmap together with you to support you along the way. Our north star consulting analyses the status quo of processes and technologies operated within your enterprise and highlight optimization potentials in existing IT systems and processes. We also consider external change drivers auch as changing markets and technical innovations.

Our system-related value stream analysis 4.0 examines your production processes holistically. It is crucial to validate both, physical processes as well as all IT systems. Insights are compiled to one neatly arranged documentation, which creates transparency, dissolves isolated perspectives and leads to an overall understanding of the production system and its complex context. Additional software analyses and the inclusion of our experts’ expertise round off the assessment. Last but not least, a system-related, overall analysis of the entire production and all relevant general conditions, including SAP.

We are convinced: The first step towards a successful digitalization which truly supports your business goals, is a reliable analysis. What else could be more convincing than clear facts? Get in touch to find out more about your specific demand.

We take care of your path towards digitalization.

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