Today IT is a crucial innovation driver. Business processes are more and more based on information technology, data-based business models form the business of the future. Within conventional business structures and with conventional methods, all upcoming challenges regarding maximum efficiency with maximum economic output can no longer be met.

The solution: DevOps

This made-up word initially unites the hitherto organizationally separately operating IT departments „Development“ and „Operations“. DevOps does not just cover the fusion of these two areas and the integration of special departments. Nor is it all about introducing new technologies and platforms. Crucial for the success of these new collaborate team structures is a change in thinking of employees. In the past, isolated departments led to frictional losses and inefficiencies whereas today’s tight collaboration ensures the creation of reliable and high-end software much faster and in continuous series.

What is DevOps?

In a DevOps organization, employees of the application development and IT operation department are working together in teams according to agile methods such as Scrum. Now, they can develop and operate reliable and high quality software faster and continuously.

DevOps basics

Basic idea

Employees of the so far isolated operating departments, application development and IT operation, form a DevOps team together.

You build it, you run it!

All activities, processes and goals regarding the software lifecycle as well as the monitoring and operating of software are corporately aligned, defined and are completely run by this team.

Agile to the goal

Cooperation in DevOps projects is based on agile methods such as Scrum, which generates solutions gradually and dynamically. Applicable intermediate solutions enable fast deployments and a continuous software development.

Positive effects of DevOps

Diverse methods and architectures have established themself as particularly target- oriented in the context of realizing DevOps. While Continuous Integration supports developers to instantly authorize code changes, Continuous Delivery authorizes the entire development-, test-, integration- and productive environment. Errors are identified and eliminated early on, new features and releases can be tested for acceptance by the user without huge delays.

A plus in regards to development speed, provision and scalability is the Microservices architecture. Microservices describe loosely linked, independent services which have a self-contained functionality. This architecture helps even small teams to react promptly to requests of special departments and to realize services quickly - an optimal mutual supplementation of DevOps and Microservices.

DevOps influences way more than technical aspects. A communicative, corporate working culture is developed, fostering and revealing a new mindset. The DevOPs mindset embraces values such as end-to-end responsibility, continuous improvements, transparency as well as a constructive error culture. When combined this leads to a holistically role understanding of employees

DevOps is the method of the future

Today we expect apps and applications to be optimized continuously, to be intuitively usable and to feature the state-of-the-art while being easily operable on all kind of devices. This is why the entire development process has to shift to DevOps, as this is the only method to keep up with the required speed. DevOps has the potential to change the economy and take it to another level. DevOps will be on our mind for quite some time due to the increased striving for innovative and efficient processes in order to catch up or overtake competitors as an enterprise.

We are proud that we have been using this method since the beginning of DevOps and are realizing our projects successfully in applying it. And we are happy to see that DevOps is now widely accepted and super successful.

Claudia Lang
Member of the Management Board

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By the way: Our AMS have already been certified by SAP DevOps

Our Application Management Services (AMS) are one of the first which have received the new SAP DevOps certification. This award confirms that we meet all quality requirements resulting from the DevOps approach.