The cloud represents the basis for today’s producing industry and logistics: equipment, machines, goods and processes along the entire Supply Chain can be interlinked digitally in the cloud. Cloud Computing extends all possibilities of Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and digitalization by giving access to large calculating- and saving capacities from anywhere in the world.

One fact, however, is crucial: the cloud by itself does not create any added value. The cloud puts you in the place to get the full potential out of your Supply Chain.


What is the Cloud?

The Cloud, or „Cloud Computing“ describes an IT-infrastructure that enables to access memory space, calculating capacities, software or tools from the internet.

Public vs. Private Cloud

Cloud Computing has many diverse appearances. A Private Cloud describes a part of the IT infrastructure which is either operated by the organization itself or provided exclusively by a service provider for that organization only.

The Public Cloud however, represents publicly accessible services of one provider, which different enterprises can access independently. Hybrid Clouds, a mix between Public and Private Cloud, also exist.

Service-model variants of Cloud-services:

Cloud services can be differentiated according to their different service models, depending on which service is provided by the Cloud. There are three basic models:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service offers all typical components of a data center infrastructure, such as hardware, calculating- as well as saving capacities, but no tools or applications.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service provides calculating- and saving capacities used by IT architects for the development of applications. Also included in most cases are different functions or tools enabling developers to create modern applications for customers such as e.g. Middleware, Software Development Kits (SDK) or data banks.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The third service model is called Software as a Service. Here, software is made available to users via the Cloud.

Advantages of the Cloud

The Cloud is an indispensable part of everyones day. Range and possibilities of application are diverse and cover data saving and - transfer services such as dropboxes and speech assistants like Alexa or the popular online poll tool Doodle. The Cloud also turns into the central tool along the Supply Chain - and offers several advantages for your IT landscape:

Easily and rapidly scalable

You need more memory space or calculating capacity for your applications on short notice? Instead of providing servers and data centers yourself, access your required services via the Cloud.

Availability is guaranteed

Rather than creating an IT infrastructure yourself which operates your systems - you outsource responsibilities. You do not have to provide all necessary expertise or capacity to ensure a smoothly operating environment , instead you can rely on a professional service provider equipped with all relevant know-how.

Accelerated developments

The Cloud offers development environments within which IT architects can start with their actual work much faster and with less administrative effort. Developers also always have access to the newest tools.

Industrial Internet of Things

Due to these technological advantages, Cloud Computing is the foundation for an interlinked production. The Cloud serves as digital environment where devices of the plant are linked to each other. The Cloud also provides necessary calculating capacities to apply Machine Learning and other Big Data applications.

How secure is the Cloud?

Most common concerns in the context of Cloud Computing evolve around security. Data safety on the one hand: how can data in the Cloud be protected against unauthorized access? On the other hand, it is a fundamental corporate decision to outsource responsibilities concerning IT infrastructures or parts of it.

The major providers of Cloud services are usually very interested in securing your data and invest a lot in security.

Cloud: The environment for your IT solutions

The Cloud features an array of advantages for your enterprise. Nevertheless, a decision in favor of the Cloud always depends on its actual use. The Cloud is a useful tool to create a flexible and scalable IT structure.

We advise you when facing the challenge to combine Cloud- and On-Premise solutions with each other. In order to provide a solution that optimally suits your expectations and processes, our experts carefully choose from a wide selection of suitable tools and technologies. Thanks to our experience with Cloud-based applications, you benefit from our technology and tool knowledge.

We are your partner for the implementation of Cloud-based solutions along the Supply Chain, covering all steps from procurement processes to production, distribution and transportation. Our expertise in the fields of the automotive-, consumer goods-, chemical- and pharmaceutical and production industry support us in creating optimally fitting solutions for your processes.

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