In the course of networking and digitalizing, data amounts pretty quick to large, confusing and difficult to process ever growing piles. Evaluating and drawing conclusions by applying traditional analysis methods is not longer possible. Big Data analysis tools promise to tame the data flood by a simple and transparent extraction and visualization of relevant information for a basis of upcoming decisions.

What is Big Data?

Big Data describes data amounts which, due to their characteristics, cannot be evaluated by means of conventional methods. Data has to fulfill certain qualities in order to be Big Data, such as the amount of data, the speed of generation and the bandwidth of data sources.

The 5 dimensions of Big Data

  • Volume (data volume)
  • Velocity (speed by which data amounts are generated)
  • Variety (bandwidth of data types and - sources)
  • Value ( business added value of data )
  • Validity (data quality assurance)


Analytics solutions: Evaluation of Big Data

The added value of Big Data does not result from the data itself but from analyzing it. Various application possibilities exist. No matter if data is applied as basis for analyses or within the framework of predictive models, many methods for data evaluations are available. For example Data Science, the extraction of knowledge from data. Possibilities range up to Advanced Analytics. Here, technologically advanced methods such as Machine Learning and neural networks are applied.

With the right tool and visualization interfaces you can monitor and analyze your processes almost in real time. We support you from data integrations and visualizations to the Go Live of IT solutions that generate added value from Big Data for you.

Areas of

Big Data application in the Supply Chain


Thanks to monitoring applications you get to see what is happening in your warehouse or production in real time. Based on Big Data instant qualitatively consolidated data statements will be provided without the usual waiting time for results.


Analyses give you an insight into past processes and procedures. With knowledge about developments up to the present gained from the evaluation of your data, you are able to derive consequences for your future planning.


With Predictive Quality and Predictive Maintenance you go one step further and are able to make predictions about future events by means of algorithms and Machine Learning in order to e.g. optimize your stock maintenance planning.

Challenges around Big Data

The greatest challenges around Big Data are data quality and data integration. Often data of different sources has to be combined. Raw data of one or several data lakes has to be formatted before it can be used. If production process- or machine data has to be analyzed, machines oftentimes have to be equipped with sensors in order to be able to generate all required data. Especially within production environments, process changes are common. In order to identify a pattern within data, expertise in the application of artificial intelligence is required so mass data can be converted to significant information.

Besides that, expectations concerning Big Data are increasing. The significance of mass data for strategic decisions has now been recognized, so the interest in data to obtain transparent analyses of processes and developments almost in real time, is growing. Even expectations concerning User Experience are growing larger. An analysis should deliver transparent results and has to be usable for each user.

Big Data Tools

We have experience with Big Data architectures which we can adapt to your individual needs. Possibilities for data analyses are currently developing very dynamically and rapidly. This is why we value to apply tools which really fit your expectations and processes.

We listed a selection of tools which we currently apply in Big Data projects:


Kafka, Spark


Document data banks (for example: Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB), ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, HDFS, Hive, HBase


Python, R, each featuring relevant frameworks and libraries


Hadoop/Hortonworks, Microsoft Azure

Take advantage of Big Data

We support you from data integrations and analyses to the Go Live of systems so that you can generate a significant added value with Big Data . We also advise you all along the entire process so you can take advantage of a solution tailored to meet your needs.

Thanks to longterm experiences with diverse Big Data projects, we provide profound process competence in the fields of industry and production. We always work in close cooperation with the concerning specialty department to guarantee that our solutions exactly fit to your individual processes.

As house of SCM, we are your partner for any digitalization project along the entire Supply Chain. When developing and implementing IT solutions, we set high quality standards for ourselves.

We take care of your way to digitization.

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