Support für alle Ihre System


„...a huge Thanks for this optimal implementation and the project cooperation. As always, SALT Solutions delivered an excellent project on time- a partner we can trust!“

Ulf Sievert Team Manager Warehouse Management Systems, Customer Service & Business Strategy/Solution Center, CCEAG

365-day and 24/7 support

With more than 60 permanent employees, we will ensure the smooth operations of your IT systems and remediate malfunctions with short reaction and repair times. After all, your IT facilities are critical for the success of your company and require a reliable partner, who can provide support for your production, logistics and transport processes without interruption. In this regard, it is unimportant whether your IT systems and applications were implemented by us or another service provider. Our specialists use a special project method, to quickly acquaint themselves with your IT systems and all its custom features.

Technical qualification: Certified and substantiated

Our team consists exclusively of SAP and ITIL certified staff members, so as to be able to provide you with the best quality for operations and support of your IT systems. SAP has certified our quality, and we are the SAP Certified Provider of Application Management Services to numerous satisfied customers.

Ticket system, for short reaction and repair times

Our service desk is available around the clock on 365 days of the year. For classification, an assignment of a priority and for escalation handling, every error report is registered in a ticket system. With a 15-minute reaction time and average repair times of 90 minutes, for 2nd and 3rd level support, our specialists are able to remediate every problem quickly.

Take advantage of the German- and English-speaking support of a reliable partner, and let our experts in Würzburg keep all your IT systems running smoothly at all times.