Moving on with the SAP Solution Manager

The SAP Solution Manager, which is a tool of SAP Active Global Support, will assume control and monitor your SAP landscape in conformity with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), also including non-SAP systems that are connected. From the introduction or the rollout of your SAP systems, you can use the SAP Solution Manager in numerous, company-critical processes, including test and change-request management, all the way to documentation of your processes and the maintenance of your system landscape.


„Global SAP-projects require a perfect workflow harmonization of each step and an efficiently operating Change Request Management. The SAP Solution Manager is the optimal tool to master these challenges and in SALT Solutions we found a partner, featuring an excellent expertise- who contributed   to our process design as a reliable cooperator."

Stefan Panek Head of Application Development Sales & Logistics ECKART

Consolidation of your SAP landscape

The SAP Solution Manager addresses all relevant aspects of application lifecycle management (ALM), and it is especially suitable for the documentation of your projects. All required service desk functions that have an interface to the SAP Service Marketplace, just as much as the ongoing operations of your IT solutions and an auditable registration of change request management, are taken into account for optimizing your processes.

Utilization in your in-house quality management

Our SAP and ITIL certified experts not only recommend a full deployment of the SAP Solution Manager, they even use it themselves for fulfilling their own, high QM standards. Numerous customers are already today benefiting from the lean default settings made during integration, including the standardized procedures, defaults and the ergonomics of the SAP desktop environment. Our partner like approach includes coaching sessions, which prepare you optimally for the deployment of this tool, showing you how you can use it to increase your added value.

Talk to our specialists about the SAP Solutions Manager startup package, and how you can use it to unlock the potentials of your business processes.