Production planning and control with SAP PP

With SAP PP (Production Planning and Control) you dispose over a software module, which provides extensive functions for smooth and integrated processes in your production. From an operative, timewise, quantitative and location-based planning, it reaches all the way to the management, control and administration of your supply-chain in production. Our specialists have full command of the SAP standard, which enables fine-tuning of the module and a targeted expansion of SAP PP, for an integrated presentation of your processes, wherever necessary.

SAP PP in combination with SALT add-ons

If the SAP PP standard does not cover your requirements, then we will expand it with completely integrated SALT add-ons:

  • Our SALT Lean Production add-on lets you produce in conformity with lean principles, ensuring an inventory-optimized supply chain and balanced production.
  • For real fine-planning of your production, the SALT Control Console add-on to the SAP PP standard ensures just-in-time manufacturing.
  • And if you should need additional expansions, such as for instance optimized feedback dialogs in the material flow systems of your production, then our specialists for customized development are ready to support you.

Processes that are customized for your requirements in production

Numerous customers are already benefitting from the fine-tuned integration of SAP PP, which is provided by our specialists. As part of our partnering approach, we always aim to provide an IT solution, which immediately contributes to an optimization of your production planning and control.

Let our specialists inform you about the functional scope of SAP PP, and about the potentials provided by completely integrated supplements.