SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME)

Use SAP ME and benefit from the advantages of an open and extremely flexible standard product. With SAP ME, you can implement your SAP strategy all the way down to the shop floor. SAP ME offers you functions for mapping every process in your factory.

All the benefits of SAP ME at a glance

In production planning, its high capacity for integration creates clearly more transparency at an automation and ERP level, by providing important key performance indicators. This includes overall equipment efficiency (OEE), first-time capability (FTC), quality and reject rates, number of units, half-finished goods (WIP), processing time and adherence to deadlines.

SAP ME supports you by raising the efficiency of manufacturing with:

  • Lower WIP stocks
  • Higher machine efficiency and personnel flexibility
  • Targeted testing control and quicker detection of error causes
  • Optimization of handling costs and processing times

High-quality software meets an experienced implementation partner

Our specialists have proven their IT and process competence in the manufacturing industry during numerous implementation projects. Our long-term partnership with SAP makes it possible for us to integrate SAP ME optimally, both in your planning and manufacturing processes: Starting with an analysis of your processes and the development of a requirements specifications, which is followed by integration and training for your users, all the way to end-user support.

Find out more about production control with SAP ME and our partnering approach.