SAP LES: Consolidated logistics

With SAP LES (Logistics Execution System), you dispose over an IT solution that integrates the functions of warehouse management with material flow and resource control, by using SAP WM (Warehouse Management) and SAP TRM (Task & Resource Management) in combination. All of the processes of your internal supply-chain, reaching from goods receipt and storage to dispatch and transport, are mapped in an integrated fashion in your ERP.

Cross-departmental control of warehousing processes

SAP LES efficiently handles all warehouse movements of your goods. This is based on the customer or manufacturing orders, and it also includes the material and warehouse master data. It means you control all processes from the warehouse, by using automated control systems or mobile data terminals (MDT) directly from SAP ERP, which are integrated with the sales and production processes. All required information is made available to you in a single system As a result, you will benefit from smooth logistical procedures.

Experience specialists for IT and warehouse

A customization of customer processes with SAP LES has been successfully achieved by our specialists in many projects. This experience, and our thorough-going IT know-how, is what we will bring to your project, ensuring success in national optimization and implementation projects, just as much as in worldwide rollouts based on predefined templates. If the SAP standard is not sufficient for meeting your requirements, then we will integrate all SALT add-ons that are ready for release.

Talk to our specialists to find out, how we can use SAP LES to customize and control your logistics processes.

Operational areas and SALT Add-Ons

Warehouse Gate optimizer