SAP ERP: Specialists for your processes

With their long-term experience in SAP ERP consulting, optimization and implementation projects, our specialists ensure stable, sustainable and efficient operations in your process landscape. Our partnering approach supports you in achieving your strategic goals at an operative level, while generating added value at the sensitive points along your supply chain. In this, an optimization of your operative processes is our aim. Our service offer reaches from on optimization of your data and processes, all the way to an implementation of SAP ERP that is supplemented with our SALT add-ons, which have been developed in-house and are completely integrated into SAP.

Our Services for your SAP ERP


  • Introduction and rollout

    Introductions and rollouts of SAP ERP

    With best practices, including process and group templates, our specialists will ensure short project runtimes and a stable IT infrastructure, during the introduction or rollout of SAP ERP. Here we do not limit ourselves to an implementation, we specifically prepare your users for deployment. This is how you will gain a real competitive advantage with SAP ERP.

    Short project runtimes in all industrial sectors

    The effort that is required for the introduction or rollout of SAP ERP may often exceed your IT capacities. Our specialists will complement your technical departments, providing proven competence to your processes and your project. Our partnering approach ensures that we support your during every project phase:

    • Workshop with demo systems
    • Delta workshop
    • Installation
    • Basic and advanced workshops
    • Cyclical modifications and tests
    • Technical integration test
    • Integration test / acceptance procedure
    • Production preparations and training courses
    • Production start

    Specialist at your side

    Our specialists have successfully supported numerous introductions and rollouts of SAP ERP. Your entire project will benefit from our experience, especially in combination with our thorough IT know-how. We start with an efficient distribution of tasks between our specialists and your employees. This is followed by cyclical modifications, tests and measures for quality assurance, which reach all the way to Hypercare, namely intensive support during the commissioning of the system. Our Support Department will subsequently continue to care for your IT landscape.

    Let our specialists demonstrate to you, how we can generate a real added value during introductions and rollouts of SAP ERP.

  • Process optimization

    Process optimization with SAP ERP

    Our specialists will provide consulting services for the optimization of your processes and organization. In this regard we will also develop customized adaptations, which will provide 100% fulfillment of your requirements. We synchronize your master data and processes, after a thorough 360° analysis. We use a cross-industry methodology and best practices, which have been proven in numerous projects, and our partnering approach will involve you and your users throughout all phases. This will let you benefit from IT solutions, which lead to clear efficiency increases immediately after they are taken into use.

    Precise mapping of custom requirements

    The SAP standard will frequently be sufficient for mapping all processes. In many cases you will, however, have specific organizational requirements or work in a dynamic surroundings, which require custom adaptations. Often your capacities will be insufficient for implementing such modifications. Our specialists will help you in that case to optimize your processes.

    The tools in the hands of our specialists

    IT know-how and process competence are the tools, with which our specialists will efficiently design the procedures along your entire supply chain. They will start by identifying optimization potentials in a joint workshop, after which they will proceed to develop custom solutions for you.

    Take up contact with our specialists, and let them demonstrates to you the benefits of process optimization in SAP ERP and our method.

  • System optimization

    System optimizations for your SAP landscape

    Our specialists will optimize your SAP landscape: This starts with consulting about the strategic design, organization and installation of your SAP systems, continues with planning and the implementation of migrating your SAP systems to new operating systems and databases, and it proceeds on to a continuous optimization of your SAP landscape, including upgrades and support. The point of departure is a 360° analysis of your existing systems and applications and our partnering approach, on the basis of which we identify optimization potentials and subsequently realize these through the use of effective methods, which substantially shorten project implementation times.

    More performance for your company

    The performance of your systems declines at a barely noticeable pace, and your internal capacities often do not permit optimization measures. As an extended arm of your IT organization, our specialists will ensure high-performance systems in your SAP landscape. Here we will also carry out the required connection of interfaces and an integration of external systems, and we will assume the project management during an installation of SAP technologies. To prepare your users for an optimal deployment, we will train them in the use of SAP applications and the administration of your systems.

    Specialists for SAP and company processes

    A long-term experience, which is a result of numerous optimization and implementation projects with SAP, will be made available to your system landscape by our specialists. With a thorough understanding of your company processes, and in combination with our substantiated IT know-how, we will make your SAP landscape future-proof.

    Talk to our specialists, about how you can benefit from our partnering approach in optimizing your SAP landscape.