SALT Rapid SAP EWM add-on

Our specialists have expanded the Rapid Deployment Solution for SAP EWM, and have developed a preconfigured SALT Rapid SAP EWM add-on, which enables a quick startup of your warehousing administration. You benefit from short introduction times, a clearly defined service scope and a transparent cost framework.

SALT Solutions ist offizieller SAP Partner mit langjähriger Expertise in der Implementierung und Erweitung von SAP Modulen und Lösungen.

Short project runtime with a standardized implementation

The SALT Rapid SAP EWM add-on combines best practices for processes and procedures in a predefined package. This expanded configuration, in combination with our standardized project procedure, makes it possible for you to already test SAP EWM during the implementation phase, and to quickly proceed to its utilization in your warehouse. The solution will be customized to your requirements, increasing its added value for you. With SAP EWM and our predefined procedures, you will dispose over a warehousing administration that fulfills all your requirements.

A quick solution from our specialists

Through numerous implementations of SAP EWM, our specialists have substantiated their IT know-how and process competence in warehousing. This experience lies at the basis of the development of the SALT Rapid SAP EWM add-on, providing you with investment security and a quick start-up of SAP EWM.

Make an appointment in our showroom, where our specialists will demonstrate how our SALT Rapid SAP EWM add-on will also speed up the implementation of your warehousing administration.

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