SALT Add-On Pallet Optimizer

You would like to build up your transport pallets at the earliest point in time in the dispatch and loading process, so that an optimized pallet assignment and utilization is achieved. However, you have been missing the right tool up to now? With the SALT Add-On Pallet Optimizer, transport pallets are already composed automatically in your planning phase. This includes your requirements for transport, such as the definition of an unloading sequence or mixed pallets.

All criteria for building up pallets with a single add-on

The SALT Add-On Pallet Optimizer takes into account the most important variables in your picking process, and always from the viewpoint of efficiency:

  • Material group restrictions
  • Automated selection of suitable packaging
  • Optimal utilization of the cargo bay and reduction of freight costs
  • Lower packaging and picking times
  • Correct picking instructions
  • Prevention of product damage

Your items for dispatch, which are preselected on the basis of weight, dimensions, stackability and strength, are assigned to predefined pallet types. An optimized build-up of pallets benefits your subsequent transport and cargo bay planning, letting you bring more goods to your customers at a smaller cost.

A sensible supplement to the SAP standard

The SALT Add-On, on the basis of the SAP NetWeaver Business Client, can be deployed in modules and is system-independent. Our specialists will integrate it in an application-uncritical way with your SAP ERP, EWM and TM processes. There it will process large volumes of data in a high-performance and resource-friendly way.

Let our specialists convince you in a personal meeting of the SALT Add-On Pallet Optimizer.