3D stacker control for your intralogistics

With the 3D stacker control for SAP EWM, you expand the standard and optimize processes in your free or block storage area. You can use this expansion directly on your stacker terminal, for ergonomic processing of transport orders and as a navigation system. With this you can speed up your intralogistic processes and, by means of routing optimizations, reduce the traveled distances and searching efforts in the warehouse. This expansion can alternatively serve as a control station, by using a local PC for the display of the stacker positions, including the localization of all handling units in real time and the display of  warehouse and stacker utilization.

Precise localization and route optimization

Your warehouse does not end at the walls of the hall; it continues over your factory terrain and includes free and block storage areas. So that you can maintain a good overview of your storage site and its handling units, while at the same time profiting from route-optimized stacker deployment, our specialists will link the JMobile Client of Flexus to SAP EMW and your warehouse management.

Technology and intralogistics specialists

The interface that is prepared by our specialists, and their experience from numerous implementations and customizations, will lead to short project runtimes. This is based on our know-how of SAP EMW, as well as on our competence in processes that are required in your warehouse.

Benefit from the know-how of our specialists to optimize your free and block storage areas, and utilize 3D stacker control for speeded up intralogistics.

Operational areas