SALT Control Console add-on for finite detailed planning

With the SALT Control Console add-on you will be provided with a tool, which reduces the complexity and the time required for your detailed planning, while optimizing your manufacturing processes. As an expansion of the SAP standard, and as a basis for a finite detailed planning, the SALT Control Console add-on links resource and planning process optimization with SAP ERP. With its fully integrated functionalities, a detailed planning can be carried out directly in SAP, while making it possible to simply change or apply fine adjustments, also taking into account material availability, as well as limited capacities and resources

Economics and usability with the graphic control console

Up to the present, the high complexity of detailed planning has often made for time-consuming and high planning expenditures. This provides optimization potentials, on which the SALT Control Console is based. You benefit from a control console based on a modular principle, the user interface of which can be defined according to your requirements. The intuitive user guidance system that includes drag-and-drop, which is used to visualize the detailed planning on the graphic control console, lets you increase the usability and ergonomics for users, free resources and increase the reaction speed.

Completely integrated in your SAP system by our specialists

Our specialists will provide support, starting with an analysis of the as-is situation, including the planning phase all the way to an expansion of your SAP standard. Our experience from numerous projects, and the process competency of our specialists, ensure a speedy integration, cost effective implementation and quick amortization.

Get to know more about the SALT Control Console add-on in our leaflet or make an appointment with one of our specialists, for a live demonstration in your company.

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