SALT AutoStore add-on

With the SALT AutoStore add-on, which is integrated in SAP EWM, the most compact warehousing system for small parts and individual pieces is connected for your warehouse administration. An additional workplace dialog increases the ergonomics for your users. You administer AutoStore directly from SAP EWM, whereby no other subsystems have to be interconnected. While the inventory administration is carried out in SAP EWM, AutoStore will control the robots and the complex material flow of the facility.

Unsere Experten binden mit dem SALT Add-On AutoStore das kompakteste Lagersystem für Kleinteile und Einzelstücke an Ihre Lagerverwaltung mit SAP EWM an.

Direct connection to SAP EWM

Aisleless and highly dynamic warehouses can only be controlled effectively, when all processes are optimally synchronized and correspondingly displayed by the warehouse administration software. AutoStore fulfills all requirements in this regard. For a connection to the SAP EWM, the SALT AutoStore add-on provides predefined interfaces. In combination with the know-how of our specialists, this speeds up the interlogistic processes of your warehouse and uses the capacity of your storage space more efficiently.

Specialists for an expansion of the SAP standard

The SALT AutoStore add-on was specifically designed by our specialists, so that you can use the full functionality of this software after a short introductory period. Our specialists are not only experienced in handling SAP EWM, they also have thorough know-how of warehousing processes. This competency will also be available for your project and it leads to a highly efficient control of your warehouse, directly with SAP EWM.

Benefit from the SALT AutoStore add-on, and discuss with our specialists how we can link your warehousing system to your SAP EWM.

Operational areas

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