Inbound logistics: Active control of transport processes

Our specialists for inbound logistics can help you to decrease the transport costs of procurement. SAP TM (Transportation Management) will provide you with the means for an active control of all transport processes, which are used for supplying your company sites with materials. The basis for such projects is provided by our integral analysis of your existing transport network, with which we detect optimization potentials in your supply chain. We will support you with our partnering approach during the implementation of SAP TM, including electronic data exchange procedures with your suppliers and transport service providers, via EDI or WEB EDI.


„The hands-on, professional and always associated with the right level of pragmatism approach of SALT Solutions significantly shaped the course of the largest EWM implementation project and thus its success at Würth.“

Sven Bertelmann software process and application design IT/logistics Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

Optimized processes - lower transport costs

Your primary goal is the automation of your processes, especially regarding the information flow with logistics service providers for inbound logistics. Besides transport costs, this will also ensure a reduction in handling costs, warehousing costs and a minimization of your processing times, through which you gain planning security at continuously optimized inventory levels. Use SAP TM to define your freight contracts and service level agreements (SLAs), using all commonly applied methods such as milkrun, JIT or JIS. Data exchange procedures have been completely automated here, so as to ensure an optimized process and cost transparency over all transport paths, and all the way down to a material level.

Specialists for your supply chain

In numerous projects, our specialists have sustainably optimized the inbound logistics of manufacturing companies. This process competency for transport management, and our thoroughgoing IT know-how, will be made available by us for your project.

Optimize your transport network, together with our specialists for inbound logistics.

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