Long term expertise can be found as common headline of many companies. SALT Solutions long term expertise however is quite real - we have taken the time to calculate our expertise in developing individual software within the production industry and came to a stunning result: respectable 500 man years have our back!  We definitely do not want to keep all that know-how for ourselves. So on Mai 1st 2017 SALT Solutions joined the Automation ML e.V. as an active member. 

The following will give you an insight into our current AutomationML projects.

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History of the AutomationML e.V.

Way back in 2006, Daimler initialed the development of a neutral data format, enabling an overall, loss free exchange of engineering data from the planning to the go-live and within ongoing productions. At this point well-known operators and providers came together to cooperatively design a solution based on already existing standards. Since 2007, AutomationML is available for everyone as an open standard, which is continuously enhanced and internationally wide spread by the association AutomationML e.V., founded in 2009.

SALT Solutions: Expert for Industry 4.0

It was just a matter of time until SALT Solutions joined this consortium as expert for business critical IT solutions. On Mai 1st 2017, we became an official contributor member of the AutomationML e.V. and are actively involved in several projects.

For many years now, SALT Solutions gathered keen knowledge around the following Industry 4.0- topics:

  • Digital transformation
  • Digital production
  • Digital process control and -optimization
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data

In the sector Industry 4.0, we are on our way of becoming the industries` prime partner. With the AutomationML-association we can apply our expertise while sharing experiences with other members. Frequent workshops foster a continuous exchange of expertise, application problems are discussed and solved in teams. All results will then be merged into the standard, guaranteeing ongoing extensions and adaptations.

SALT Solutions is:

  • Active member
  • Service provider
  • Contract developer
  • Know-how-keeper
  • Knowledge broadcaster

SALT Solutions: Expert for Industry 4.0

What we work on

Thanks to our broad expertise in AutomationML we are able to handle even the most diverse problem within this field. The projects are always targeting at optimizing, interlinking and simplifying plant planning- and production processes without losing any data.

No matter if dealing with CAD-, XML-, TXT- or proprietary data, we

  • develop tailor-made importer and exporter
  • interlink your engineering software tools
  • partly automate or automate the data enrichment
  • apply plausibility checks and
  • take care of the overall production flow

Project example 1: API development for a modular production plant tool

Data are subject to continuous and repetitive enrichments and modifications during production plannings of diverse engineering processes. Defined goal here is to secure an overall interlinked planning – practically an ongoing engineering process chain which also covers import and export functions.

The customer request: Develop an API for a modular production plant tool with workflow background, totally avoiding any losses due to media disruptions, ensuring a continuous data flow while providing overall synchronized information – the same data basis.

To realize this request, we also developed schematic processing rules, simplifying the access of data exchange formats, data enrichments and the modification and processing of the engineering application. By developing our own API we gained essential know-how, helping our customer to react faster, more flexible and precise to requirements within the production plant 4.0 – independent of AutomationML software developments.

Project example 2: Project „Picking list“

Designing production cells is quite tricky. It´s a long way from the construction sketch to the real functioning production plant all along peppered with obstacles.

In order to reduce the required effort and the manual error rate, we brought the project „Picking list“ to life: by means of AutomationML-files, containing all information about geometric designs and logic interlinks, we gradually refined data contents up to the order-capable picking list. We automated many steps and integrated predefined parts catalogues and construction guidelines. 

Altogether, we were able to provide a crucial component for the overall engineering workflow.

What’s in there for you?

With our extensive technical expertise in the field Industry 4.0 and AutomationML, SALT Solutions has become quite popular as project partner in the industry sector. You will definitely be able to cope with the increasing pressure to be innovative and ready to start your factory 4.0.

We support you ...

... to launch new products even faster.

... to increase your turnover.

... to lower costs.

... to improve the overall quality.

Last but not least, let’s enter the world of the digital twin – the fusion of both, the real and the digital world. The digital twin digitally implements all elements and their inter-dynamics over the entire life cycle. Making it possible to create digital simulation models in midst of the planning phase, changing and updating themselves as soon as their physical counterpart changes. The exact same simulation models can be applied for ongoing productions, in order to optimize and adjust production processes.  

Our Know-how – your Joker

Complex projects require the consideration of many diverse points. Systems, platforms and data have to be linked to form a seamless process chain. This is why you need an experienced partner on your side.

We, SALT Solutions‘ experts, connect your existing with your new systems seamlessly in creating profitable, value-adding and future oriented solutions. Just get in touch, we will be more than happy to take care of your inquiries.