The trend to lot size 1 and the related variants configuration challenges your industry in vastly influencing your processes. This can only be encountered successfully when creating flexible production processes which are then digitalized. This enables an intelligent process embedding into the supply chain management.  

Areas, which did not play a major role in the manufacturing industry so far will come to the fore. Such as, for example, the logistics which has to operate more transparent, projectable and automated. Giving you the task to interconnect and digitalize all production processes as possible. This also includes the integrated planning, the production, the supplier management, the final assembly and the service management. Only if these operations are considered holistically, the required flexibility and projectability will be reached.

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Our expertise is your advantage

To move on successfully you need a partner who provides an overall approach – considering all aspects of the project, including business cases, digital-redesign consulting, system implementations and the support of daily operations. A task for which our House of SCM is made for.  

We focus on SCM processes of warehouse- and production logistics and the according value-added processes. We support you with our long lasting expertise in economical and technical integrations of new solutions into existing process – and IT infrastructures. You will not just profit due to our extensive industry expertise but also gain significant benefits thanks to our proven implementation method applicable for large corporations as well as middleclass businesses.  

As enterprise operating in the fields of manufacturing industries, old thought patterns have to be left behind and your production has to be seen as an entity. Within an interconnected industry, seeing your processes as isolated operations is no longer affordable.

Christian Erb
Head of Business Unit Fertigungsindustrie

Our experience is your security

All described scenarios lead to a complete transformation of your manufacturing enterprise. It is more than legit to not take any risk when selecting a partner. We provide security of long lasting experience gained throughout various transformative projects. This also includes system optimizations as well as completely new implementations. Additionally, we hand our entire knowledge of diverse, special processes over to you.

This includes:

  • Variant configuration
  • Traceability
  • Batch management
  • Serial production
  • Make-to-order production
  • Error management
  • Quality management
  • Maintenance
  • Integrated planning
  • Supplier management

We support you in facing the challenges of your industrial sector.

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