Sinking lot sizes and increasing production costs within the D/A/CH-region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) are just two issues currently challenging consumer goods manufacturers. And you do not just have to deal with B2B business partners but also with end-customers expecting fast and reliable deliveries within 24 hours. Individualized products and challenges of a mass production up to lot size 1 make an efficient production more difficult and require an increased value chain agility.

This means, your business will be compared to giants like Amazon since customers do expect the same service. Leaving you with the task to offer short delivery times on the one hand and to open up to concepts such as multi-channel-distribution on the other hand.

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Progressive automatization would be one starting point in how to face these trends. Automated warehouses enable you to reduce throughput times and to significantly accelerate your shipments. Another step towards this would be the general optimization of distribution- and transportation logistics. Basis for all that are IT systems, making your processes more projectable, controllable and transparent. Due to the complexity of challenges facing your business, you will need a partner deeply familiar with the manufacturing industry and the retailing sector to integrate these systems successfully.

Many enterprises of this branch are not yet accustomed to the climate of the B2B world – a great amount of potential is still to be unleashed. In order to be successful within this area, you have to be aware of customer requests and desires.

Matthias Oppmann
Head of Business Unit Konsumgüterhersteller

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We have acquired this knowledge throughout numerous prosperous projects. Whether you are located within the food- or non-food-sector, we are familiar with your processes and understand all involved challenges. The size of your business does not matter, middleclass or large corporations, we take care of it.  

One of our unique successes: we have linked about 50 % of all AutoStore-small parts warehouses in Germany, always relying on SAP systems or our in-house developed solution LogBase. And always with the goal to find the perfect solution to meet our customers’ requests.

We are also equipped with a maximum of experience in the frozen-foods sector and we interlinked various warehouses – inclusive automated deep-frozen palletizing.

Our approach is your success

When working with you, we are really emphasizing a corporate approach. Only then a successful project with results at its best will be possible. Our approach is fully adjusted to your circumstances and requirements. The project management method PRINCE2 is our orientation and our approach aims at agility wherever possible and suitable. And after the project completion we will be on your side to support your system over its entire life cycle according to ITIL.

We support you in facing the challenges of your industrial sector.

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