The internet massively changed the retailing sector within the past 20 years. Growth does no longer take place on the shop floor and sales can no longer be increased by merchandised density of manageable product lines. Instead, online shopping featuring constantly changing offers and extremely short delivery times, is the trend now. While internet pure players invest their entire energy into extending the online business, classical retailers have to face both. In the long run, attractive shop floors and well trained employees are still indispensable.

For you, the retailer, the digitalization is both, challenge and change at once. It is the key for optimized decisions, accelerated processes and constant efficiency. Innovative digital services make your offer unique and distinctive. They enable fast changes of product lines, a differentiated price control and a permanent delivery capacity. Consumers increasingly value a consistent and individual approach across all sales channels. Retailers can now apply their knowledge about customers for customized recommendations and offers.  

Real-time-information about stocks and sales as well as an overall digitalized supply chain gives you the chance to adapt your business to market dynamics. This requires an IT system environment accommodating these aspects. Our alexa Retail System offers a flexibly applicable software solution thoroughly tuned to your business.

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Our expertise is your advantage

In order to cope the change, user software continuously leading your business processes in real-time is required. To introduce and take care of these systems is a job for specialists. This is why you need a partner who understands your trade and who additionally offers a vast solution spectrum – from the standard to individual developments. It is immensely important to consider all areas of the retailing sector: the planning and the procurement as well as shop floor operations, the online shopping and the logistics.

Retailers need logistics processes covering diverse requirements of supplying shops and shipments to consumers simultaneously. Precision and investment will be worthwhile – since we are talking about the basic requirements of your successful future.

Dr. Bernhard Blüthner
Managing Board

Our experience is your security

Our vast experience within all areas of the retailing sector qualifies us to be the optimal partner to support you holistically and with the necessary know-how. We proved our expertise in many thriving projects so far, reaching from online shops to the support of international chains.

In order to provide you a solution which optimally meets your processes and goals, we rely on platform corporations as well as in-house developed software solutions. These are especially suited for all retailing requirements – whether planning and controlling, warehouse – and distribution logistics or to support your sales personnel. We support these solutions beyond the go-live thereby guaranteeing uninterrupted operations within your business.  

Our approach is your success

We do not just want to be a service provider hired for a project. Instead we would like to be your long-term partner, being at your side as senior expert and innovator. Open communication and high personal continuity of project teams are our measures for you. We hand our findings resulting from the systematic testing of new technologies such as the Augmented Reality for the retailing industry, over to you. This is how we combine process- and industry knowledge with a keen understanding of technologies while guiding your enterprise into a fruitful future.  

We support you in facing the challenges of your industrial sector.

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