For your pharmaceutical- or chemical enterprise, tight regulatory guidelines of the EU or GDP are crucial when digitalizing or interconnecting your supply chain. Only when guaranteeing a consistent traceability of transportation routes, batches and goods, high quality- and safety requirements can be met – particularly when talking about third-party logistics providers. The integration of state-of-the-art track & trace technologies into your IT infrastructure is the most critical component of your digital transformation.  

However, transparent processes do always contain the risk of security flaws and cyber-attacks. This is why it is essential for you to have an experienced, validation-capable partner on your side, reliably guaranteeing your data safety within your supply chain while operating it par excellence.  Save data transfers can only be achieved when applying individually designed IT concepts.

SAP Recognized Expertise in Supply Chain Management
SAP Recognized Expertise in Manufacturing

Our expertise is your advantage

Increased complexities which are constantly growing due to a constantly growing globalized market, require to seriously think about replacing all mostly heterogeneous IT system landscapes. Integrated systems will be able to tackle all current and future challenges in production and logistics similarly.  

If you are ready now to transform your IT systems, the consideration of technical circumstances and all unique requirements of your validated surroundings is crucial for your projects. Additionally, this approach has to be adaptable internationally.

The digitalization opens up a whole new set of possibilities for enterprises operating in the pharmaceutical- and chemical sector. Being neither exclusively subject to the automatization – nor the IT. The digitalization will enable a highly effective implementation of processes along the entire supply chain, retaining the competitiveness for many years.

Daniel Dömming
Head of Business Unit Chemie und Pharma

Our expertise is your security

Know-how gained from numerous projects within the fields of chemical- and pharmaceutical industry provides all required experience and process knowledge, making us a valuable partner at your side. We were not just certified by SAP SE but also according to ISO 9001, represented by our experts – project managers and consultants, developers and auditors, featuring in-depth expertise within your sector while being able to adjust to any unique circumstance.

Our approach is your success

To guarantee a successful project progress, we adjust our approach to your circumstances and your actual intention. In many cases, combining waterfall- with agile methods has been particularly productive. This is how we corporately and gradually get closer to a reliable solution.

  • Setup with project-kick-off
  • Assistance for defining requirements
  • Functional Specifications Design
  • Solution Designs
  • Realization in Sprints
  • Integrative Tests (inclusive test schedule creation)
  • Cutover & Migration
  • Go-live & Hypercare
  • Support
Agile Projektmethodik in EWM Projekten
  • RfP - Request for Proposal
  • RACI-Matrix
  • System Risk Classification
  • Project Plan
  • Initial SAP Standard Training
  • Validation Plan
  • URS - User Requirement Specification
  • FS - Functional/Solution Specification
  • Fit-/Gap-Analysis
  • Process Modell
  • Risk Assessment
  • Test Plan/ Strategy
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Project Status Report
  • Implementation / Technical Design
  • Agile with Sprints and Waves
  • Unit Test Documentation
  • Operational Manual
  • Training Plan & Manuals
  • Test Reports
  • Test Preparation
  • Functional End-to-End Integrations Tests
  • Test Documentation
  • Integrations Test with Emulation
  • Integrations Tests with conveyons and automatic Systems
  • Test Reports
  • Project Status Report Ready for Transition
  • Cutover
  • Migration
  • Start-up Report
  • Training Records
  • Validation Report
  • Project Status Report
    Ready for Production (Readiness-Check)
  • GoLive
  • Hypercare
  • Support
  • Handover Report
  • Updatet Documents
  • Post Implementation Review
  • Project Closure Status Report

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