As automotive supplier – time is your crucial currency. A fact which is even intensified by all current developments of the industry itself. If deliveries Just in Time or Just in Sequence already describe a challenge, vehicle individualizations in combination with the resulting number of versions will put additional time pressure on top.  Similar impacts may have new technologies such as E-mobility which leads to an increased process complexity.

To continue in a globally growing market, a digitalized and interconnected supply chain is required which enables you to be part of a fully integrated logistics and production environment. The arising consequences are not just immense safety requirements for your IT, but innovative and future-proof solutions such as SAP S/4HANA might be required additionally to achieve your goals.

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Our expertise is your advantage

You need a partner who sees the supply chain in its wholeness while creating overall software solutions, enabling an end-to-end networking. Our experts provide process competence, software and the integration know-how to support all processes efficiently. Thanks to the SIMPLE SUPPLY CHAIN we offer everything from one source – from the analysis to the project design, implementation and support.

Successful projects in the automotive sector:

  • Near real-time reporting in the production, operated world-wide
  • Prediction of robotic and e-power unit shortfalls
  • Efficiency and quality improvement in the assembly
  • Online-process control
  • Predictive quality and maintenance
  • Problem-, change- and small project-management in the fields of SAP EWM
  • Paint coat thickness monitoring and analysis of produced vehicles

Our experience for your goals

Challenges within your industry are extremely versatile in times of Big Data, KI, IoT, Predictive Maintenance and robotic. However, the digitalization offers a pathway through it with services like SAP Leonardo, giving you the chance to tackle all challenges while winning significant benefits.

To support you in doing so, we rely on specialists familiar with your industrial sector. Experts who speak your language and know your processes. Our specialists have proven their expertise in many of our successful customer projects.

Simultaneously, we offer know-how of neighboring sectors and help you to widen your own horizon. Crucial when going towards Industry 4.0 in the automotive sector.

The heavy focus on product and production leaves topics like an overall digitalization of the entire value chain as well as the recreation of business processes unattended. We will help you to gain expertise and learn from experiences made throughout different sectors.  

Established approach for your success

To guarantee a successful project progress, we adjust our approach to your circumstances and your actual intention. In many cases, combining waterfall- with agile methods has been particularly productive. This is how we corporately and gradually get closer to a reliable solution.

By hiring our automotive experts, you do not just win additional competence but also gain capacities which are familiar with your systems, methods and processes and which are applying these reliably.  

We support you in facing the challenges of your industrial sector.

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