Henry Ford’s revolution of the assembly line in 1913 has been a while back. After more than 100 years without major ups and downs, the automotive sector of today has to face individualized production processes up to lot size 1 in an environment of increased formalities, tightened legal guidelines and all additional impacts of the ongoing digitalization.

Market requirements are clear: social, ecological and economical sustainability, new innovative engine designs, flexible traffic concepts in addition to the responsible use of energies and resources. Automotive manufacturers also face their own challenges: assurance of competitive advantages through the reduction of costs, intelligent production and logistics processes as well as selective corporations and innovations.  

Another major challenge: an ever growing stake of competitors – highly innovative global players rooted in non-automotive sectors are fearlessly entering the market and define a completely new set of rules concerning transportations. Nobody can predict where the journey will end – but we, as your reliable co-pilot will guide you through all imponderabilities of the digital transformation.

SAP Recognized Expertise in Supply Chain Management
SAP Recognized Expertise in Manufacturing

Our core competence – your advantage

Radical measures for the entire supply chain will be inevitable. This is where SALT Solutions enters the game: We keep track of your supply chain and continuously verify the feasibility of the entire project. For many years we accomplish thriving projects in this area and develop IT-solutions which are operating all around the globe. Our long-term corporation with the Fraunhofer-association will be of additional, profitable value for you since we have access to newest technologies and innovative methods.

Successful projects in the automotive sector:

  • Near real-time reporting in the production, operated world-wide
  • Prediction of robotic and e-power unit shortfalls
  • Efficiency and quality improvement in the assembly
  • Online-process control
  • Predictive quality and maintenance
  • Problem-, change- and small project-management in the fields of SAP EWM
  • Paint coat thickness monitoring and analysis of produced vehicles

In the automotive sector, time for brave decisions has come. New players located in USA and China have shown how quickly you can lose track when clinging to old habits for too long without setting clear visions for the future.

Claudia Lang
Member of the Executive Board

Our approach is your success

We apply any method wherever suitable: classic waterfall methods and scrums or even the DevOps- value system. We operate in self-organized and autonomously responsible teams, realizing your requirements fast, creatively and flexibly.

Positive results are reached due to the interdisciplinary combination and the cross-functional operation of your project team – in addition to our corporate approach and the respectful and open communication of all participants. Crucial to our corporate identity.  From the conceptual design to the implementation, DevOps and microservices, the cloud and continuous deliveries – we apply methods and tools guaranteeing the long-term success of your enterprise.  

How we see the supply chain of the future

In order to still be successful and able to operate economically in sight of Industry 4.0, new ways have to be pursued and old habits have to be left behind. Only then the interconnected and individualized supply chain can be reached while new procedures such as Predictive Maintenance or Predictive Quality are simultaneously integrated into the production process.  

Intelligent supply chains are the start: they represent the controlling and monitoring mechanism of the supplier ecosystem, production, logistics and sales. Only when interconnected machines and units are combined with IT systems and supply chains of all participating businesses, production- and sales processes can be recreated.

Challenges are huge – our long-term expertise in optimizing processes too.

We support you in facing the challenges of your industrial sector.

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