Transparency is the key to success

In order to bring transparency into your intralogistics, we recommend the digitalization of your material flow. The challenge when optimizing the material flow is to master the lack of transparency about material and value flows. Monolithic and closed systems prevent innovations. Legacy systems do not offer possibilities to master today's requirements concerning single-position orders, keyword lot size 1 nor possibilities to create dynamic warehouses storing small quantities.

Logistics end-to-end processes to orchestrate systems and scale resources

Contemporary solutions require logistics end-to-end processes in real time which enable an agile scaling of resources and the orchestration of all participating systems. All elements of the shop floor have to be linked, the application of e.g. mobile terminals in modern factories is indispensable.

The goal is to adjust and establish all processes within a short period of time. Inventory, process and logistics objects should be completely transparent, errors and operational downtimes should be prevented due to an early warning system.


  • Logistics end-to-end processes in real time
  • Agile scaling of resources
  • Orchestration of participating systems
  • Linkage of all shop floor elements

Project: Material flow optimization at SICK AG


SAP EWM implementation with integrated material flow control parallel to the construction of the new distribution center in Waldkirch.

Project highlights:

  • Auto-controlled optimization of goods flows to optimize the throughput
  • Integration of high bay storage, automated small parts warehouse and shuttles
  • Integration of freight forwarders with the SALT Add-On CEP-Monitor

Convincing advantages!

Short process adaptation and - establishment

Fully transparent supply chain

Established effective early warning system

Any questions about how we can help you with your material flow optimization? Get in touch with me. I am at your service for a non-binding information conversation.

Frank Staudigel